Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is almost over, well now it is....

Today I leave Brandi =(
This is gonna suck worse then breaking up with a boyfriend.

This weekend was CLASSIC us. Went to a few bars, had some laughs. Took some questionable photos. All in all it was amazing. This is what I came to cali for, classic Brandi time.

Here is the break down:
Friday: We took a trip to the adult toy store just to see what they had going on. Not much BTW. Then we went to Goodwill for some random outfit shopping. (I am so cheap I know) We had dinner plans at Chilis with some of Brandi's friends. Now we were sober but we had the best time! Of course there were no tables so the wait was like 45min. UGH finally got a random booth in the bar area, but there were 5 of us. One couple and 3solos. So Brandi, Pete and I all squished in on one side.

I was SMASHED in the corner, I swear the waiter could barely see me. But we did get this awesome pic of the waiter. He was joking about jumping in the pic and snap right at the perfect moment.

Then we headed off to bowling. Brandi and I love bowling all dressed up. I really dont know why, we have been doing it forever. But the people we were with decided to be lame and go home. So now it was just the two of us.....blah no more bowling lets go to the bar.
This is my favorite part Brandi got pushed into playing pool with some OLD guys. Like grandpa old. Then they were all tipsy and singing awful songs like Strokin' and Fantasy by Ludiacris. Cracked me up, but then I wasn't the one that they were focused on. At the end of the night one of the women who was with them came up and said good bye and hoped that her companions didn't scare us. I thought that was really nice. Poor Brandi had started losing her voice, don't really know why though because she wasn't really screaming or anything excessive.
These are pics from the house after the bar.....
This is my favorite one!

Saturday we were super lazy! We had plans to go see a friend of mines band play. FOO U is the name. They do really good covers. When they do Jealous Lover I turn to a crazy groupie. *fans self* That song is just to much when Phil sings it. However the venue was severely lacking. It was an older crowd but by 10pm they were all nasty trashed. At least there was a plethora of drunk dancing to laugh at. I got glared at by a drunk GF who thought her man was in danger of being snatched. Silly females. Right before we left the band passed out condoms and maracas.
Then we went to another bar. This was more our crowd.
I know we sound like awful people but it was awesome shooting down the pathetic guys that would come hit on us. That really made my night. =) I think once in a while everyone needs to just bust out and be mean.

 So now I'm back in RI and hating it. I miss her so bad. She is the Jelly to my Peanut Butter and this sucks. Seriously thinking about making a move, again. LOL Ugh grass is greener but is it just because the fence makes it seem that way??


  1. I can get you a one way ticket to me when and if you decide...

    Just saying

  2. and yeah you sure do know how to make me tear up. I miss you and your warm snugglyness in my bed!!!

    Guess that might make people question us...oh well. They did enough this weekend.

    I think you and I have been so long without just us that it was different this time. Neither of us had restraints or worries...Well beyond the dog and the kid, but we were back together and we were back to ourselves again. I love you B

  3. You never stay put for long, do you :-(

  4. I guess I don't =( Its that damn green grass.

  5. I'm most certain if you move in with Brandi you won't regret it. No one likes a PB&J when each half is on opposite ends of the table. LOL.

  6. Oh well, you have what you have, and that's something special. Glad you both had a wonderful time.