Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Stuff?? Yes please!

I just went and checked out Stephanie's "Naughty Overload Giveaway"  Over at her place Life to Easy. Anyway you should too. She is giving away TONS of stuff so she doesn't have to take it with her or store it while she is studying abroad. (What a smarty pants huh?)

BTW If you enter drop my name in saying I referred you <3 It ups both of our chances.

Maybe a real post later. Since I have been a bad little blogger lately.

This would have been up last night but Blogger decided to be a boogier and 404 me all night long UGH! Bad Blogger BAD!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When you are 64

This week has been good and bad. Over all it has been good. Very laid back, everyone around me has been in relatively good moods. I have been avoiding Gertrude because I need a break from her drama, so she is down at a friends parents house in "time out." Brandi gave me my half of the business cards we ordered for B & B so now I can shamelessly pimp us spread the word anytime.

Now here is the bad: my Ehlers- Danlos has been acting up. It hurts SOOOO much. I have been very good and not intentionally dislocating anything, I have been taking my pills every 4hours like I should. Still this week has seen me wake up several days with both my shoulders dislocated just from sleeping and my ribs moved around. I hate to admit it but waking up and instantly bursting in to tears is mortifying. Worst part is the reactions of the people around me. I can live with the pain, I have my whole life. Watching others experience my pain for the first time is almost worse then the pain itself. Its like I am hurting them even though I know it is indirect. 

I think walking around the grocery store on Wednesday I pinched my sciatic nerve so not only do my hips kill with every step but the shooting pain from that nerve makes me just want to lay on the steps all day. (Laying on the stairs with my back flat and legs up on the next one relieves a lot of the pressure.) I did find out that having someone sit on the backs of my legs, like they were going to give you a back massage, makes all the pain in my hips and legs vanish.  Only until they get up though, but hell I will take it! I can almost fall asleep like that.

So if I haven't been around that much that's why. It hurts to move. I am seriously considering getting an awesome cane, maybe that will help with some of the leg pain. *ponders*  Hopefully my body decides to get back in to the correct rhythm of things and stop this excessive pain and just go back to normal manageable pain soon. Until then I will just have to keep on keeping on.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NSFM - Rambles

Sleep and I have broken up again. This makes me sad.

Gertrude is being a bitch. Nothing new there. Replaced the fuel pump like the mechanic said I should (Tuesday) then Thursday she won't start. Same problem as always. FML! I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't have the money for this shit. Looks like she is going to get parted out (aka me taking all the stuff off that I can get $$ for and sending her to the scrap yard. I found this gem on-line at a Volvo forum. It's advise on pre-purchase testing/checks that you should do for my type of Volvo (80's 6-cylinder french engine)
"Here is my best practice when dealing with one of these pre-purchase. With the hood open and your left hand over the catch for the hood release, look straight down. Now, slam the hood shut. Contemplate a life-time more miserable than that moment. Leave and immediately check CL for a 240.

Really, though, one of these is NOT a learner, and likely would not make a decent DD. If it's a nice car in any event and you HAVE to buy it (I know, I've had that illness), get rid of that engine and put in a 4 cylinder of some stripe. It will be expensive, but at least reliable."
Yea so basicly I'm fucked and not in the happy fun way. 

Which brings me to my next point. Stress SUCKS! It makes me cranky and since I can't sleep it off I just get worse everyday. This I know makes people not want to be around me for obvious reasons.

Yesterday was my favorite cousin's high school graduation party. This girl is like my little sister. It was also a mini-family reunion, my father never leaves his cows he did for this. Because I have made such a clusterfuck of my life, am a huge failure and can't get a job, and wasted what little money I had on a POS car, I couldn't be there. I feel like one of the worst family members ever.

On that same sister is getting married on September 9th. I don't know if I can afford to go. That would make me the worst family member ever.

Thank you all for coming to my pity party, sorry I couldn't afford party favors. Please feel free to take a part of my soul as a parting gift if you can find one.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just a little tid bit for you today. J and I went to the mall to check on a few applications I had put in there. No Starbucks still hasn't found mine. GRRRRRR!

As we come out we see this Douche parked next to our tiny CRX. Really? REALLY? I know that you are a decent sized SUV and rule the free world with your awesomeness BUT DAMN!  J decided to leave them a note as I crawled in from the passenger side to move the car out so he could even get in.

Everything is better with emote smiles!

Gojo Shower and Gasoline in the Face

Today Jason and I replaced my fuel pump. OMG that was such an ordeal. I do have to say though it was an overall good time. None of that bickering and one person doing all the work that lots of people run into.  It made me REALLY happy that we could work on something as an actual team.

First things first.....I ordered the part I thought I needed off line about 2 weeks ago. Well it turns out I got the in-tank fuel pump as opposed to the in-line (out in the open) pump. Yes that little thing is what I got. =( Totally not going to do the job. Little guy is like 1/5th of the size of the pump I needed. So off to Napa we go. Got the correct part for $170. The nice guy behind the counter gave me a military discount woot woot. Heck I even tried to get more off the price by smiling pretty and bouncing. Nope didn't work but hey I will take my 10% military discount.
So get home and jack up Gert, Jason is doing the whole "man" thing. When we start running in to some awesome design flaws. Like how there are 1200 screws and bolts all facing different directions and you have to figure out exactly which order to take them all off in to get the damn thing off at all. Finally we decided to leave the fuel pump on the metal plate and just disconnect all the wires first from the pump and the accumulator. That way we could put the damn thing down and look at it from the top not the bottom and on our backs. Boy was that a job. Ended up with me under the car pulling wires off and snipping lines. I guess somethings just need a bit of a gentler touch.
However I didn't have on gloves or eye protection (shame on me) and as I was working under there I got absolutely filthy. I am going to have to scrub my little girly hands for a week with a nail brush before I can even show them to anyone. So as I was under there it came to the point were we couldn't get this one hose off. So after much deliberation and a few texts to my favorite Volvo guru for advise, I ended up just cutting the line. I was not aware that this particular line wasn't just a rubber has a plastic lining. So when I cut, it didn't slice clean and the little bit of gasoline still in the line and under pressure sprayed out at me got me right in the face. Kind of like a hose with your thumb over it. SO SO lucky I covered it with my hand ASAP and didn't get any in my eyeballs. But I did wack my right cheek on the exhaust pipe and now have a little mark. Hope it doesn't bruise =/ 
After that and finally getting the old pump totally off the car and off the mounting plate the rest was fairly easy. Except for the fact that the new pump was a little smaller in diamiter then the old one and we had to figure out something to make it fit snug in the new bracket. Which Jason did and it was all perfect after that.
5 hours, lots of grease (hence why I felt the need for a Gojo shower) at least one bruise later Gertrude is up and running as she should. Now if only I could get a job to afford to feed her......

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Beirut (Bay Root) 
Beirut/ ruit, is a popular drinking game, that some less informed people like to call Beer pong ( beer pong is a totally different game).

Materials: 6-8 foot table

22 solo cups
3 ping pong balls
beverage of choice
water for the water cups
2-4 players

In ruit you set up 10 solo cups on each side of a table. Arrange the cups in a pyramid formation, 4 cups, 3 cups, 2 then 1, all of the edges of the cups touching. Fill the cups with any beer you want, preferably filling the cups at least half full. also have two water cups to wash off dirty ping pong balls. After your set up a player from each team can shoot for first shot. After this is won players continue to shoot one team at a time, three ping pong balls into the opposite teams cups. When one team sinks a ball, the other team drinks the cup that the ball landed in. This process is continued until one team makes all of the other teams cups. There are many variations of the game, and other little rules regarding rearranges, bounces, when you pick up cups and so on... depending on who you are playing with.

Last night was the 3rd Arbolitos Beer Pong Tournament According to the definition above we actually play Beirut. I was the responsible adult for the evening. WEEEEEE! It was mostly because I was the sober one. People were encouraged to come prepared with a team mate and team name picked out. You got a bonus "re-rack" if your team had a uniform, and no it couldn't be "Oh we just happened to both show up in black shirts and jeans" Here is a nifty list of the team names. Those in bold were predetermined, those not in bold were chosen at random because the people didn't come prepared with a team name. 
Dos Muchos
Fuck it! America
Dirty Sanchez 
Bitches get Stitches
No one likes your additude
Grey Owls
Team Hobo 
KY and Point Objects
Just Get Back to Us
M & N
Club Tropics
Bologna and Hand Cream 
Ray Ban
Shit The
We Fist Us
Team Awesome
The Strangers
JCP Inferno
Dale Earnhardt's lesser known son Cal, who is a slight disappointment 
In and around our mouths
A total of about 200 ish people were invited, thanks to facebook. I think the final count of attendees was about 40. Which for a house party was a pretty awesome turn out. 
We started the night with 5 flavors of Jello shots.........Blue Raspberry with Vodka, Orange with Amaretto, Strawberry with 151, Strawberry Banana with Malibu, Cherry with Pepsi and Spiced Rum. We had about 200 jello shots, give or take a few. They were all gone by the end of the night. =) That makes me super happy. I have gotten several comments about how great they were too. However I would like to say that I didn't make all of them..... the two strawberry kinds I did not make. I have a steadfast rule against using red jello, it ends up tasting like cough syrup. The cherry with Pepsi and rum was an experiment that I found on-line courtesy of  The Jello Diva. It didn't go over as well as my two classics......Vodka and Amaretto. Guess I will stick with what I know. 
I think the best part of the night were the costumes....I know you guys want to see them so here are a few of the more awesome teams. 
Dirty Sanchez

Bitches get Stitches

Fuck it, America! 

Team Hobo
Fuck it, America! Ended up winning the whole thing. There was no prize just bragging rights. It was a grand old time. The two guys who dressed up as hobo's really got in to character and stayed in their Hobo role all night long even singing little jingles and asking for hand outs. It was hilarious. 

That's all I have for now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I couldn't come up with a decent title today....blah!  I am having a classic "Im a fucking girl so leave me the fuck alone or come bearing gifts" type day. I wish I could get my mood swings under control. Maybe they will leave me alone tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

I haven't ever done an In My Mailbox post but I was super excited about getting this soooo gaze upon my awesome gifts.......
Oh yea that is a 1982 Volvo repair manual. I got this from Paperback swap. WOOT WOOT! The awesome license plate is from the great and wonderful Bob Graham. Finally the envelope is the travel bug that I put on Gertrude. If you are familiar with geocaching you should know what I am talking about. Basically you can "track" where my car has been spotted. 

Today I went on another interview.....this particular interviewer told me "You look like a girl but you speak like a man" Which I take as a compliment. We were talking about tools and wiring diagrams. He was fairly impressed when I could ID some very basic things like a socket wrench and a bolt. Also when I told him I had plans to hopefully replace the fuel pump in my car this weekend. Another interesting point was as I was talking to the girl I am going to replace we started talking about homeopathic remedies and I gave her a few tips on how to assist with a UTI or a common yeast infection. I am such a horrible interviewer. They asked me to stay for birthday cake and to meet the owners father. All in all it went great, I ended up staying for about 2 and a half hours. When I finally took my leave I casually said "Cross your fingers the car starts" because of the fuel pump. So as I started my car, which started perfectly, I heard both the owner and the lady cheering from the door. =)
Man I hope I get a call back.
Then I went shopping over at the Salvation Army and a few other thrifty shops down on the consignment row. Got an Ice Cream scoop, some various kitchen utensils, about 10 books, and a decent sized George Forman grill all for $20. WINNING!

Found out today that I need to actually take my car to get smogged, FAIL it and then go back to the DMV to get my temp 60day registration. UGH! Such a pain in the butt!  Guess I will do that this weekend or next week. At least she hasn't had any starting problems since saturday.

We are hosting a Beer Pong Tournament this weekend. I am supposed to be making Jello Shots tonight, but I don't feel like going to the store by myself. BLAH

  I received a few awards a while back....Since I am so horrible at these type things I am doing it now.....Late like usual.
 This is from Mister Valance, I more so took it rather then it being given to me. I wanted to feel special and all that fun stuff. If you don't know of Mister V go check him out.

This was actually given to me. So thank you Kracken!
Sigh Now I have to list 7 things you lovely readers don't know about me.....

1) I really do not enjoy Asian food. 
2) I hate the term "Jelly" I.E. Are you Jelly of my awesome new iToy? (Jelly = Jealous)
3) I would rather let some one win an argument, rather then just continue going over the same thing.
4) It is my personal belief that heterosexual and homosexuals are fine, however bisexuals are just greedy and need to pick a team.
5) Job hunting sucks balls
6)The color pink is growing on me and I think it might be Chanel's fault
7)Dirty Hippies irk me, fake hippies also irk me.

Now I am tired and my brain hurts.......Those of you who wish this award please take it. I always feel weird bestowing it upon people and then pestering them to write about it too. So take and be happy!!
*wanders off to find that snickers I hid*