Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some one you love

Day : 7 A photo of someone you love
Well this isn't a person I love. These are people I love. My aunt and uncles. I think this is the most recent pic I have of all of them in the same room. I love them most dearly because they have stepped up and been there for me when I felt most alone.

Yesterday Nikki and I went geocaching. Down Narragansett way we went to the Point Judith Light house and Aunt Carries (even though it is closed for the season) Then headed back up to NK and went traipsing through Cocumscussoc. It was fun, critter the dog, didn't want to cross any of the streams. He is such a pansy! But now Im all sore and Nikki is sick so no more gallivanting in the snow for us for a while. But we did take this pic for you all to enjoy. BTW It is hunting season so we had to wear the goofy orange just in case!

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