Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today was a good day!

I feel like I have been in the "pit of despair" so much recently that I should actually make known when I have a good day. It snowed last night and ALL day today. Tonight I went tubing in the back yard it was AWESOME!! Getting the tube blown up was another thing. Started using the trusty old mouth method....nope that didn't last long, then got out the bike pump, damn that made the arms tired. So we rigged up the shop vac with an oil funnel and a small tube. Set it to blow instead of suck and BAM we had our very own air compressor. It worked well too.
Then I got all my snow gear on and as I was about to put my boots on I got distracted OF COURSE. So 5mins later when we are all ready to go outside I open the back door and jump off the kitchen floor right in to the snow and realize that I still have on my slippers. At least my feet didn't get wet.
Finally please dont comment on my puffy face if you see me in person......I was tubing and my friend decided to jump on as I was sliding by. His shoulder smacked in to my cheekbone and now it is all puffy, Hopefully it doesn't bruise. Doesn't help that about 10sec after the shoulder hit me he fell off and I went careening in to the scrubby trees and brush. At least the tube wasn't hurt. Dont get me wrong I was deff stuck in the shrubs for a few min just because I was laughing to hard to pull myself out.

Almost forgot to mention that my friend likes to dress his dog. I almost felt bad for poor critter, fleece vest, waterproof jacket and to top it all off little puppy snow shoes. Guess critter didn't mind to much. 
I made a midget angel too! I think it is a rule some where that if you go out to play in the snow you have to make an angel.

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