Friday, February 25, 2011

Wine and Caching

Today BR had to go up to Temecula to pick up some wine for some club her sister is in. You know what this means........FIELD TRIP!!!!
A few years ago when my mother came out here we went to a winery called Leonesse and did a tasting. Mom had found out about them through a friend of a friend. She joined their wine club and gets regular shipments of their stuff. When we were here before mom got 2 logo glasses, well last week or so dad accidentally broke one. =( Since Im back in the area mom asked if I could pick a new one up for her some day when I thought of it. Now Leonesse isn't the winery that BR had to pick things up from but hey why only visit one when you can squeeze in 2 or even 3.

Leonesse was our first stop. They are super nice and I am definitely a huge fan, even though I don't drink. The whole atmosphere, everything. Found out that when mom signed up for the wine club she put my name on the account too, which means....I got a free tasting today which of course BR used. The server even vaguely remembered me from when we signed up. From there BR bought a bottle of Port and a bottle of Ice Wine. I specifically asked if they had any ice wine because BR had never heard of it. I actually enjoy the stuff. Its considered a dessert wine and very sweet. Bad news is they didn't have any logo glasses for mom =( But we did get the bottles at a discount because of her club membership. WIN!

Like I do anytime BR and I are out I looked up if there was a geocache in the area. There was right on Leonesse property =) SUPER WIN! This was BR's first geocache with me and she even found it before I did. Sigh. Oh well, at least she didn't hate me dragging her to find it. This time....

I have a friend named Clarence whos soul I happen to own. Long silly story. ANYWAY one day we got on the topic of how I have fun adventures and travel alot. He said that his soul should go with and enjoy these trips also. I then made a little paper man to take with me and dubbed him "Soul of Clarence"

 Next stop was Wilson Creek. This is where we had to pick up the case of wine for sister. I wasn't really impressed. It was busy and felt very corporate. Blah, but they did have a HUGE wine bottle in the parking lot that I could put Clarence (aka CB, Clare Bear) on and take a few pics.

While we were driving from one winery to the other we saw so many little places in between, one caught our eye. Cougar Vineyards. Oh yea definitely had to go back and take a few pics there. Checked and made sure we had enough time before going to pick up the munchkin and then zoomed over to Cougar. Cougar is a very small operation. I didn't even like the smell of their wines, but the server was great. Took a few pics, and the ladies next to us asked about CB. So I told them what he was about and they offered to take a pic for us. It was a great day. I absolutely love being out here with BR. Even with all the stress we each face days like this where just a little field trip makes everything wonderful.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow that was a weekend?

I am finally mostly recovered from this past weekend and here it is already Wednesday.

Friday: I went out to the bar with some new friends. Made fun of some ridiculously drunk and fashionably challenged girls. Est bed time 2:30am

Saturday: We weren't going to go out, but then did. Ended up picking up my friend Lucas and heading to a bar in SD called Whiskey Girl. WOW that was just WOW. Crammed Packed!! Yes people bumped into me and I was tossing elbows when I could. Knocked my right hip out of place =( which means half the night I got to stand on one foot. WEEEEEE! Toss in a drunk girl, a boy fresh out of rehab and a set of questionably obtained clothing and you have a good time. Est bed time 5:00am
50 Days sober RUINED by ME!!

Sunday: Lovely, Beautiful, most favored BFF BR woke me up at 9am. After a great breakfast of Crapes and corned beef hash. We were off to the gun range. WOOT!! Most people are frightened at the thought of me with a weapon. The people in the chute next to us took pity on our fail loading skills and helped us out. If they hadn't my poor fingers would still be bleeding. Those nice gentlemen also let us shoot one of their .45 revolvers. I totally felt like Dirty Harry! Yes I know I shoot funny, its because of my bone thing.

Monday was a lazy day until the munchkin came home, but isn't that always the way? We shall see what this weekend shall bring.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Snowboarding and a Phone that LOCKS

Silly me has a standard cell phone and it doesn't have that nifty enter-the-code-to-type feature. -SIGH-
My lovely roomie BR (Bless her heart) gets ski updates from Big Bear Resort which is just up the road from us about 3hrs. She got one of these lovely reports about 5mins ago and decided that we NEEDED to go. Being the kind and loving roomie she is, she knows I have big fat 0 funds for that kind of fun. So she grabs my phone and drafts this AWESOME TEXT
"B needs money to go snowboarding...go donate at her blog <3 BR"
Then proceeds to send it to almost everyone in my phone.  I mean hey I love free money but damn!! So if you would like to give me some free money check out the nifty donate button. *Points to the upper right yellow button that says DONATE* If not sorry for the begging text. I have to go beat my roomie now =)

I am poor and it sucks!

So after whining for a while and listening to Br tell me to "Just put it in your blog" I am actually doing it. Financially I am not in such a great place. My lovely ex husband is still contributing to my upkeep. (Bless his weird little heart) Im waiting on the government to decide if I'm crippled enough to not work. ~sigh~ Then if they decide that I am mostly normal I need to find a job. One that I can preferably walk to since I have a serious lack of vehicle.
MY POINT - I am accepting donations via paypal. See that new button up and to the right *points over yonder* You know you wanna click it......... Yes you can laugh. I have been saying it to people for months now as a joke, but at Br's urging Im actually putting it out there in the real world. SIGH So be free little plea.

In other news: Br and her child are both sick and have been for the last week. Yesterday the munchkin had an episode on the way home from "school" where if you looked or talked to him he would just cry. Nothing you could do but ignore the little guy. I fell asleep on the couch last night, vaguely remember Br coming out and covering me in blankets and giving me a real pillow. Still didn't sleep well but the effort was appreciated. =) Now Br is still asleep, with good reason she is hella sick, and I get to tend to munchkin. *twitch* All is well and it has been oh 3 hours. We shall see how the rest of the day goes.
Also back to the EX. In December his father had to have a quadruple bypass. Everything worked out just fine and he went back to work yesterday. Until he couldn't remember where he was or what he was doing. He has "lost" the last 2months. Only accepts that he had heart surgery because he can see the scar. Once they got him to the hospital to get checked out his retention fell to about 3mins. His short term memory is shot. Now here is the pain that deals with me. Ex has 6 siblings and Ex is currently stationed in Spain. NO ONE TELLS HIM ANYTHING. The only reason he found out his father was in the Hosp the first time is because one of his sisters called me, the sister who lives in a separate state from the rest of the family. This is again what happened last night. The same sister called me and asked if I would contact the Ex. Which I did a little reluctantly. See Im in Cali and he is in Spain which is a 9hour difference. I tried his cell number but that didn't work. =/ So the only choice I had left before going all RED CROSS was to contact his superior at his home, the time being 1am. It worked but I still felt bad. "OH hi sorry Im calling at 1 am and woke up your 2 small children but this is So in So's ex wife could you get him a msg?" Shortly there after I saw Ex get on skype to call the family. I guess my part went well. Still have no info on the old man though. Hope everything gets cleared up soon. They were saying it might have been a stroke.

Now Im going to go hunt some elusive tupperware in the woods. Maybe it will de-stress-ify me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

(NSFM) Happy VD!!

Another NSFM Posting. Oh well
Well today is Saint Valentines day. Yet another holiday that is about murder and betrayal that we have warped in to love and commercialism. I am grateful I have Brandi. I planned to make dinner for us tonight and be cheesy since neither one of us is in a serious relationship at the moment. At least not serious enough to be together on Valentines Day, distance sucks. So we went out and did what any self respecting female would do.......Take a trip to the "toy store." Our local establishment is the 2nd best I have ever been to. #1 Being Fairvilla in Orlando FL. We spent about an hour just walking around touching everything wishing on others and wondering on most. The sales girl that was there today was awesome. She wasn't one of those that makes you ashamed for being in there and genuinely wants to educate you. I actually learned some stuff. They have these new egg things for guys. SUPER NEAT! I almost wish I had a penis just so I could feel it. Almost!  The pic below just amused the poo out of me. How many times have you told a guy to go "Screw Yourself" lol now they can. Geeze some of the silly shit people come up with and us humans actually buy.

 Anyway Brandi bought me a new toy for valentines day. =) I knew I loved her for some reason. Then she decided to get herself one too. Now we have matching toys. Mine is a tad different but basically the same. This is a photo of our purchases at the store today. Mine is on the left hers is on the right. Lube, Shaving creame, Toy, Toy cleaner, after shave drops (with tea tree) and toy. Im excited about the shave gel and the tea tree stuff because who likes bumps and stuff? NOT ME!!
Her son got home after school and had V-day cards for both of us. I felt so special. Now its off to make pot roast with mashed potatos and tease BR for crying over the card I gave her. <3 This has honestly been the best Feb 14th of my life.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This weekend so far (NSFM)

My mother has been known to read my blog, so the disclaimer (NotSafeForMom) is to let her know there might be things in this post that she probably wont want to see. However if she reads anyway that is her business and I can not be held responsible.  
Last night Brandi was sick =( which caused everything to be amplified the silliness and the annoyances. Also I started my joyous gift of being a woman today. Which is amplified by my Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome, so I feel like a lump of melting jello. But we spent the night cruising the world wide interwebbiez and laughing at random things. I REALLY enjoyed Scary Sex Toy Friday where we found some GREAT things to laugh at. This is my favorite
available at Necronomicox for the reasonable price of $250. I don't know about anyone else but that just screams STD to me. I was taught that if it looks like that it should not go anywhere NEAR you.
We stumbled upon a blog that used the term Douche Waffle. Which led to me commenting that Douche Muffin is child sized douchyness. Now we refer to DM when her child is exceding the brattyness and just launching straight in to Douche Muffin. This caused us to contemplate starting a bakery and cafe, the name will be Douche Confections. It will serve normal food with horrible names.........Ookie Cookies,a portuguese breakfast, Brown Apple (this could just be a flavor name), Blue Waffle, ROFL Waffle, Douche Baguette, and of course Douche Muffins. This was all discussed in Brandi's status on the glorious facebook. We got a total of 55 comments on that one. So I belive it was a successful night.
Today we took the munchkin (since he wasn't being a douche muffin today) to see the new movie Gnomeo & Juilet. OMG it was adorable. I have a soft spot for Gnomes anyway but this is just awesome. I dont know how good ol' Billy Shakespeare would feel about it but I hope he would at least realize that we still enjoy his works. Plus they gnome-afied Elton John who can resist that??
Well that is all for now until next time........

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here I am!!

So I did it. Packed up my 2 suit cases and moved it all the way to California. I got in Tuesday afternoon and it has been GREAT so far. Living with Brandi just chilling figuring things out. 2 days and so far so good.
There are a few things I miss, Nikki and gallivanting with her, snow caching, my sister but all in all I think Im going to be ok. Also Wendy kept saying over and over "you can always come home, we don't call you boomerang for nothing."
<3 Gotta love family

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A tree grows in Goddard

As some of you know I like to go Geocaching. Not familiar with this hobby? Basically people use hand held GSP devices to hide containers (film tube to ammo cans and all Tupperware in between) in nifty little areas. I have been sick this last week and pretty much house bound since I lack a car of my own. So Saturday Jarrod picked me up and took me out to hunt some geocaches. Nothing to hard since it was crappy out, still raining and just normal New England in February, we planned to hit some that don't require hiking but are just park and grab's in urban areas. Wellllllllll after two of those I was done. ZZZZzzzZZZZzzzz boring! Jarrod asked "Are there any caches you WANT to get?" YES there is this one called a tree grows in Goddard. You see during the summer and enjoyable months in the area Goddard park is PACKED with people. No so good for being sneaky and geocaching. So why not try to get this high profile container while its miserable out, and off we went. This tree is HUGE! Jarrod and I are not tall people. We find the obvious spot and neither of us small folk can reach it. So we stack up and with me on Pierce_J's shoulders I still can't reach. Blindly feeling around there is nothing there. We ponder this a few minutes and Me again with my bright ideas decide to climb the tree and investigate from above. That I admit was FUN!!! However being little folk I had to use the branch farthest way and scoot, crawl and pray not to fall all the way to the heart of the tree. Since it is covered in snow and ice with a decent 8foot drop. At least this gave me the advantage of seeing exactly what I was dealing with the container was frozen solid, with the lip of the lid only barely showing out of the ice. As nimble as a snow monkey I hopped down from the limbs and then climbed back up my human ladder this time to stand on his shoulders and not just sit. Using a few different sized sharpies as excavation tools and a little blood from my knuckles I was able to chisel out the container. There was much rejoicing while signing the log and replacing as found. close as we could get it since I chipped all the delightful ice camo away.
Scooting, crawling and praying not to fall

I dominated that tree!
This was SO MUCH FUN!!  I miss getting out and having ridiculous adventures. Even if this one left me shivering and exhausted. I passed out dead asleep as soon as I got in a warmed up a little. I also know my sore throat is not going away as quickly as it could because of this little adventure, but it was SO worth it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What to do what to do

I dont even know. Stress has reared its ugly head again. UGH I hate when stress manifests itself in odd ways. When I was in cali my ear went nuts and now this....
Anyway that is my short rant for the day. I am also sick, stuffy head starting to get a cough and I sound like a man with a voice that can't raise above a loud whisper. YEAAAA!