Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Valance

I guess all the stress and what not had gotten to me so I have been slacking on my picture posts. Things have been extremely crazy since I arrived in California. Her car, then the dog + kid combo, on a happy note we went shopping yesterday while the munchkin was in day care. That was a good play-dress-up kinda time. Got a new shiny outfit for this weekend. (Hopefully the bodice doesn't get ripped) Today I borrowed the now working car and drove down to San Diego for lunch with my friend Cayce. We chilled in Imperial Beach and I introduced her to geocaching. That was a good time =) Maybe she will go out with us on Saturday. We have plans to go see my friends band (FooU) play at a bar out in San Diego. I really like them, they put on a good show.
Not much picture taking going on but here are a few.
Geocaching, this is Alex the Lion.

She stole my teddy bear =(


BR's 18th B-day (back in the dayyyy)

My Sr. prom 2002

Sr. prom again with dates
We were going through old pictures from high school and found these of us. That was a good night, laying on the floor looking at the memories of the old us.

Guess that is all for now. Hopefully we will have some excitement this coming weekend. The child and the dog are being watched for us so we will be left to our own devices. *Evil laugh*


  1. Hello Possibly. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Those wonderful smiling faces speak loudly of happy times. And there'll be plenty more happy times to come, you'll see - starting this weekend, maybe, when you and Brandi hit town in your unrippable bodices.

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