Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Day 12: A photo of your biffle (best friend for life)
If you have been reading or know anything about me you should KNOW who this pic is going to be of. I have known this woman since 1998, aka 9th grade, and no matter how far apart we are things always click just right when we are together. Just a few more days and I get to visit her again. 
Big Bear CA 2009

Eduardo's, Mount Dora FL 2003-4?
The snowmageddon has arrived in the north east. Sitting in the house looking out it is all pretty. The road isn't even plowed yet =) Perfect picture! I can't wait to go play in it later, hopefully we get a little more. Looks like maybe 8inches right now. PEH they were guessing 18!

Thank you for my new readers, and comments. I know I don't have more then a little blurb a day =( but it makes me feel better. Especially when you leave me nice things. Thank you your words mean a lot.

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