Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where is that grindstone??

I am in a MOOD today, can you tell?

I job hunt like it is a full time job! I have sent out so many cover letters and talked to so many temp agencies I can't even count now. So today I answered an ad for a shipping clerk. In addition to the normal blah blah send your resume and we will see if you are worth for an interview. They wanted to know about any gaps in employment and your current and past salary. FOR A WAREHOUSE JOB! Part time with no Benny's. They also requested a detailed list of office equipment you can operate and any computer programs.

This is what they got.........

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Rebecca
Sent: Thu, May 26, 2011 1:31:42 PM
Subject: Shipping Assistant Position

Dear Employer,

In response to your advertisement regarding the shipping/ administrative assistant position, I am enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, and experience.

I have several years experience as an assistant and secretary; with knowledge of quick books and several AP/AR styles. I am proficient in many Microsoft programs (excel, word, office) and willing to learn any that I am lacking in, with a solid 60wpm typing speed. I have experience and am comfortable with a multi-line phone system complete with individual message boxes. I can take copiers under control with ease, also I have been known to strike fear in the misbehaving fax machine and shredder. I have worked in a variety of environments from a university to small business, all with customer satisfaction being the ultimate focus.

While at the University of Rhode Island my major was Biology, even though I did not get the chance to complete that degree as of yet, I have two years of college course work in the field. I understand the importance of order and having a system. Knowing where everything is, along with proper handling of each item.

I currently am not employed and have not been for several years, as I was attempting to be a domestic engineer. I am looking for an hourly position and will be content with the current state wage requirement of $8 hourly.

May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Please see attached resume

Either they will laugh and think I am out of my mind and want to meet me, or laugh think I am out of my mind and then never think of me ever again. Fingers crossed for the first!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have been doing alot of RAWRing

Seems like I have been doing a lot of RAWRing lately. I almost feel bad about it. I got the car things were great. Took it to the CHP to get inspected great. NOW It won't start and I have at least one blown fuse. So I called dad, trusty old dad. He suggested I go to the parts store and pick up a few things. Now you have to understand I have been around a few cars. I know my starter from my alternator, Im not Danika Patrick but I can handle the medium stuff. So I go to good old Napa and talk to the first counter person who is free. Happens to be a male (sigh) about my age (double sigh) who proceeds to talk to me like my barbie car just broke down.
Wanna Be Gear Head - "Are you sure you know what kind of car it is?"
Me - Yes you nimrod I know what kind of car it is......It is a 1982 Volvo 260, that means it has 6 cylinders, unlike the 240 which has 4 cylinders.
Wanna be - "Well hunny they according to my computer here {pats screen} Volvo didn't make a V6 that year. NO SUCH THING so are you sure you know what you are talking about?" 
Me - Yes I know what I am talking about,you know computers aren't always right. How about you just look up the 240 and tell me what I need to know because they are all the same with in the 200 class. 
Wanna be - You should just make sure you know what you are talking about, you know as a guy I could do that for you.....
I then realized that my inner monologue had turned into my mothers voice, when she gets angry and talks through her teeth. It was telling me to reach up and just smash his face in to the computer screen. I just got so aggravated I walked off to find the fuses. All I wanted from him was another suggestion as to what it might be that is causing Gert problems, but no because I have lady bits I MUST want to be hit on and have 0 car sense! RAWRRRR

So I found the things I wanted and walked back up to the counter to cash out. Mr. Wanna Be waved me over and I looked directly at him and shook my head no. I had 0 desire to deal with him again. Waited till another man was free......he is mid40s and missing his 4 front teeth. PERFECT! But really he was......My opening sentince was......Do you know how hard it is to get a straight answer about a part when all the guy wants to do is hit on you??
NG - Oh I see you met Wanna Be. Don't worry hun I have real answers.
Which he did. He suggested some things for me to check out and hooked me up with a shop that specialises in Volvo's in the area. WOOT WOOT!!
Saturday is the day I get to tinker with Gert again hopefully we can fix her with little to no more aggravation.

Monday, May 9, 2011


orange 1975 245 by blue65pv544
One step in getting my life back together was getting a car. I have finally done that (with lots of help from my parents) You see I have always known I had a problem......more like an addiction. Ever since I was a wee child I have LOVED Volvo's (well pre-1999 volvos when they were still actual volvos and not some piece of shit that ford popped out and called a volvo.) 
The picture to the right was taken when I was maybe a year old and that is a 1975 Volvo station wagon. I have been told I named this particular car "big bird."  It was owned by a good family friend who was kind enough to baby sit me. For as long as I can remember I have been in love or at least lust with volvos. 
In 2005 I was able (with the help of my father) to purchase my very first Volvo. It was a 1982 240 DL, classic Volvo blue that had faded to the well known denim color. It is the only 2 door version I have ever seen of the 80's body style. I loved that car and was very sad when I had to leave it behind in Florida after I got married and moved to San Diego the first time. I know the person I sold it to, a kid still in high school that I worked with. I have since lost contact with him and his family =( Wish I know what happened to this particular car....I called her Loraine


Finally I have a Volvo again! For about a week I have been scouring Criagslist searching for a car with in my meager price range. I would accept anything that would run, but I deliberately wanted a Volvo. I found a few and they slipped through my fingers. I guess more people in California love them then I ever expected. I found a few "decent" ones 300,000 miles and made in 1987, meh I like my cars older then me. 250,000 miles and made in 1985 and in desperate need of a paint job blah no thank you. Then the day I received my cash in hand I saw of my price range......1982 <3 with only 104,000. I HAD to see it. I grabbed the man friend, because it is proven that men are helpful even if they have no idea what is going on, and called the owner. This is the story of Gertrude.....

Gertrude was owned by an unsavory character. This unsavory character noticed Gerty needed some work done and took her to a shop that specialized in foreign cars. Smart unsavory, thank you. The shop he chose was owned by a man named Pete, who usually works on luxury vehicles trained for Roles Royce. (I got to see the one he is restoring right now OMG it is so pretty. Along with his V12 Jaguar) Well Gerty needed about $2500 worth of work, new seals, gaskets ect. This was in 2009. While Gerty is in the shop, unsavory gets sent to the big house for about a year. So shop owner (Pete) looks after her. Unsavory gets out of jail and doesn't have the money to bail Gerty out of the shop and leaves her, never to be seen again. Poor Gertrude.

Pete, after 3years takes the steps to claim ownership on the car. Once he did that he was planning on giving it to his child. So he made sure she was in PERFECT working order. Everything was repaired with genuine Volvo parts or its equivalent. Excluding those little quirks that you can't avoid. However the state of California has this stupid law where if a vehicle is unregistered for any time, when you go to register it you have to pay all the back fees ect from the time it was last legal. Since Gerty wasn't registered since 2009 that adds up to about $714. YIPES. So for sale she went. $1200 and almost a month on Craigslist she sat waiting for me. No one wanted to take this little gem because of the fee's. Its like she was just sitting around waiting twiddling her thumbs.
I went to look at her on Friday night with J. We waited across the street for the Pete to get home. Watched his wife start up the car to work out all the funny stuff from sitting for so long (about 6months) She had that beautiful klunk noise that actual metal/mechanical engines make. J asked if that was normal. LOL Silly kids! Yes J that is how she is supposed to sound. We took her for a test drive and I was in LOVE! I had to tell J, "This is your call, I am blinded by love and want to take her home like a new puppy." He gave the Okay! and here we are now.
I got wonderful Florida insurance...because I am registering her there for the time being. I have no desire to pay the state of CA $714. WOO HOO $50 a month is wonderful. So much better then having a brand new car any day. I sent off the info to get my license plate today and should have it by Wednesday.

Power windows, door locks, and a sun roof, but that is hand crank. No radio at the moment, but Pete threw one in that I just have to install. The trunk lock is broken so the key doesn't work, and you can only pop it using the button in the glove box if the battery is turned on. I need new seat covers. Over all she is wonderful! These are all just minor things that I am more then willing to live with.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to BGraham for starting me on a love of something wonderful so young.
I am now off to have some adventures with my newest love Dirty Gerty!
For those geocachers out there I will be putting a TB on the window, I just need to get some funds first then you can track her travels.