Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is almost over, well now it is....

Today I leave Brandi =(
This is gonna suck worse then breaking up with a boyfriend.

This weekend was CLASSIC us. Went to a few bars, had some laughs. Took some questionable photos. All in all it was amazing. This is what I came to cali for, classic Brandi time.

Here is the break down:
Friday: We took a trip to the adult toy store just to see what they had going on. Not much BTW. Then we went to Goodwill for some random outfit shopping. (I am so cheap I know) We had dinner plans at Chilis with some of Brandi's friends. Now we were sober but we had the best time! Of course there were no tables so the wait was like 45min. UGH finally got a random booth in the bar area, but there were 5 of us. One couple and 3solos. So Brandi, Pete and I all squished in on one side.

I was SMASHED in the corner, I swear the waiter could barely see me. But we did get this awesome pic of the waiter. He was joking about jumping in the pic and snap right at the perfect moment.

Then we headed off to bowling. Brandi and I love bowling all dressed up. I really dont know why, we have been doing it forever. But the people we were with decided to be lame and go home. So now it was just the two of us.....blah no more bowling lets go to the bar.
This is my favorite part Brandi got pushed into playing pool with some OLD guys. Like grandpa old. Then they were all tipsy and singing awful songs like Strokin' and Fantasy by Ludiacris. Cracked me up, but then I wasn't the one that they were focused on. At the end of the night one of the women who was with them came up and said good bye and hoped that her companions didn't scare us. I thought that was really nice. Poor Brandi had started losing her voice, don't really know why though because she wasn't really screaming or anything excessive.
These are pics from the house after the bar.....
This is my favorite one!

Saturday we were super lazy! We had plans to go see a friend of mines band play. FOO U is the name. They do really good covers. When they do Jealous Lover I turn to a crazy groupie. *fans self* That song is just to much when Phil sings it. However the venue was severely lacking. It was an older crowd but by 10pm they were all nasty trashed. At least there was a plethora of drunk dancing to laugh at. I got glared at by a drunk GF who thought her man was in danger of being snatched. Silly females. Right before we left the band passed out condoms and maracas.
Then we went to another bar. This was more our crowd.
I know we sound like awful people but it was awesome shooting down the pathetic guys that would come hit on us. That really made my night. =) I think once in a while everyone needs to just bust out and be mean.

 So now I'm back in RI and hating it. I miss her so bad. She is the Jelly to my Peanut Butter and this sucks. Seriously thinking about making a move, again. LOL Ugh grass is greener but is it just because the fence makes it seem that way??

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mr. Valance

I guess all the stress and what not had gotten to me so I have been slacking on my picture posts. Things have been extremely crazy since I arrived in California. Her car, then the dog + kid combo, on a happy note we went shopping yesterday while the munchkin was in day care. That was a good play-dress-up kinda time. Got a new shiny outfit for this weekend. (Hopefully the bodice doesn't get ripped) Today I borrowed the now working car and drove down to San Diego for lunch with my friend Cayce. We chilled in Imperial Beach and I introduced her to geocaching. That was a good time =) Maybe she will go out with us on Saturday. We have plans to go see my friends band (FooU) play at a bar out in San Diego. I really like them, they put on a good show.
Not much picture taking going on but here are a few.
Geocaching, this is Alex the Lion.

She stole my teddy bear =(


BR's 18th B-day (back in the dayyyy)

My Sr. prom 2002

Sr. prom again with dates
We were going through old pictures from high school and found these of us. That was a good night, laying on the floor looking at the memories of the old us.

Guess that is all for now. Hopefully we will have some excitement this coming weekend. The child and the dog are being watched for us so we will be left to our own devices. *Evil laugh*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a trip

Man I feel like I have fallen down a hole.
Last night we finally found a friend with the car know how to tell us what was wrong with Br's car. Hopefully today that will be fixed. Then I can borrow that to visit a few friends down in San Diego, hopefully Thursday. Last night we went to Chuck E. Cheese, her ex let use his vehicle, that was an interesting experience to say the least. As we arrived the mechanic friend called and  asked us to come back to the house since he was ready to look at the car. The excited four year old was no to happy about the idea of seeing the Chuck E Cheese sign going away. So I took the car and went back to the house to deal with car stuffs. Here is the fun part...On my way back to the land of Kiddie joy I got lost. Who knew there are 2 chuck e cheese's within 10miles of each other. SIGH But I found them and all was well.
Now we are dog sitting her Ex's 6month old Beagle. Poor thing is like a child the good thing is I like dogs better then children. So here I am chilling with this hyper puppy waiting for Br to get home from school. WEEEEEE this vacation will have excitement I know, Im just waiting for it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Todays photo is a pic of a drunk me. But that has never happened soooooooo you get no photo today.

I flew in to San Diego last night. As I get off the plane I get a call from BR (aka Brandi) and she says she is about 20mins away. SWEET! 10 min later I get another call saying how her car has broken down and she is waiting for a friend and a tow. So I have to call another friend to get me from the airport and take me to BR. Fun Fun. Then a 30min tow ride, because I dont want her to ride back with scary tow man alone, in a truck that smells like smarties. What a great first day in Cali. Now working on getting wheels and her car fixed so we aren't stuck at the house this whole week. =) Im sure hijinks will ensue.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I will pack, right now.

A pic of you at the last party you went to. I guess Christmas counts right?? This was me playing cuponk. It was fun just chilling with my sister, her BF and his kids.

Today I am such a slacker and really shouldn't be. I swear after this post I will go pack!! My flight leaves at 4pm =/ SUPER EXCITED if you couldn't tell. Gotta go run some errands, grab a cache here in RI, pack, the zoom to airport. Oh can't forget shower and all that super fun stuff that takes women like 12yrs to get ready everyday. YIPES! Well my next post will be from Miss Brandi's place. xoxo

Friday, January 14, 2011

More pics

Day whatever......A pic of someone you love.
This is my mother, Jean. This was taken at the El Puerto De Santa Maria winery in Spain. Yes my mother is a double fister.
I have been such a slacker today. Went to lunch with Gram, my Aunt Happy and cousin Sarah. It was a good time. I still haven't packed yet for my trip to cali. Tsk Tsk Maybe in the morning I will do that. MEH!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today was a good day!

I feel like I have been in the "pit of despair" so much recently that I should actually make known when I have a good day. It snowed last night and ALL day today. Tonight I went tubing in the back yard it was AWESOME!! Getting the tube blown up was another thing. Started using the trusty old mouth method....nope that didn't last long, then got out the bike pump, damn that made the arms tired. So we rigged up the shop vac with an oil funnel and a small tube. Set it to blow instead of suck and BAM we had our very own air compressor. It worked well too.
Then I got all my snow gear on and as I was about to put my boots on I got distracted OF COURSE. So 5mins later when we are all ready to go outside I open the back door and jump off the kitchen floor right in to the snow and realize that I still have on my slippers. At least my feet didn't get wet.
Finally please dont comment on my puffy face if you see me in person......I was tubing and my friend decided to jump on as I was sliding by. His shoulder smacked in to my cheekbone and now it is all puffy, Hopefully it doesn't bruise. Doesn't help that about 10sec after the shoulder hit me he fell off and I went careening in to the scrubby trees and brush. At least the tube wasn't hurt. Dont get me wrong I was deff stuck in the shrubs for a few min just because I was laughing to hard to pull myself out.

Almost forgot to mention that my friend likes to dress his dog. I almost felt bad for poor critter, fleece vest, waterproof jacket and to top it all off little puppy snow shoes. Guess critter didn't mind to much. 
I made a midget angel too! I think it is a rule some where that if you go out to play in the snow you have to make an angel.


Day 12: A photo of your biffle (best friend for life)
If you have been reading or know anything about me you should KNOW who this pic is going to be of. I have known this woman since 1998, aka 9th grade, and no matter how far apart we are things always click just right when we are together. Just a few more days and I get to visit her again. 
Big Bear CA 2009

Eduardo's, Mount Dora FL 2003-4?
The snowmageddon has arrived in the north east. Sitting in the house looking out it is all pretty. The road isn't even plowed yet =) Perfect picture! I can't wait to go play in it later, hopefully we get a little more. Looks like maybe 8inches right now. PEH they were guessing 18!

Thank you for my new readers, and comments. I know I don't have more then a little blurb a day =( but it makes me feel better. Especially when you leave me nice things. Thank you your words mean a lot.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wow another pic of me? Damn who ever made this list could use a little more imagination. Anyway...
DAY 11: A pic of you (I think I might have miss numbers somewhere also)
Due to our impending BLIZZPOCOLYPES pt2 here in the north east I chose a pic from last February (valentines weekend) I was snowmobiling in Maine with a friend. It was an amazing time. I wish I could go again!! But this year I will be snowed in here at the house. WEEEEE I sure can't wait for some warm weather with Miss Brandi next weekend. I have all these random thoughts of things I want to do while Im there. *giggle* I CANT WAIT!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Favorite film

Day 10: Favorite film

Even after all this time I still consider "Some Like it Hot" as my favorite. I dont know why.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chubby Baby

Day 10: A photo of you as a baby

Oh man I was a chubber!! This was taken at church, IDK what age, with my sister holding me. Enjoy the baby fatness.

Well its sunday, which lately has meant dinner with the family. I heard a rumor that there will be pot roast and mmmmm potatos. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Day 9: A photo of your family
Well lets see here, seems like my family is always changing. So Im going to put up the one that was taken this spring. Dont mind the edits *giggle*
Went and saw The season of the witch last night. I liked it. I can see why the critics didn't though. Also found out last night that Brandi knows Im going to visit her. =) So I can be all super excited and GIDDY now.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Day 8: A photo of your favorite musician
Im so not following the rules today. I can't decide who is my favorite. So here are pics of my top 3....

1) Dropkick Murphy's - OMG I have nothing to say.
2) Jimmy Buffett - Thanks to my mother Jimmy Buffett is a soild part of my life. Been going to his shows since I was 14. They are always a family event.
3) Phil Tish - This guy is awesome! I know I know he isn't REALLY famous but aren't those the best kind.

Meme is an awesome seamstress and LOVES embroidery, so a few weeks ago Jarrod took an image and converted it so Meme's machine could sew it on to a hoodie for me. Im going over today to actually do it. SUPER EXCITED!! Hopefully I can convince her to let me do a few more eventually. I know some crazies who might like them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some one you love

Day : 7 A photo of someone you love
Well this isn't a person I love. These are people I love. My aunt and uncles. I think this is the most recent pic I have of all of them in the same room. I love them most dearly because they have stepped up and been there for me when I felt most alone.

Yesterday Nikki and I went geocaching. Down Narragansett way we went to the Point Judith Light house and Aunt Carries (even though it is closed for the season) Then headed back up to NK and went traipsing through Cocumscussoc. It was fun, critter the dog, didn't want to cross any of the streams. He is such a pansy! But now Im all sore and Nikki is sick so no more gallivanting in the snow for us for a while. But we did take this pic for you all to enjoy. BTW It is hunting season so we had to wear the goofy orange just in case!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Day 6: A photo that makes you laugh

This was taken Feb 2009 in Big Bear Ca. with Miss Brandi. I miss her so much =( But we had SUCH a great time on that trip. Busting ass on the mountain trying to learn to snow board. I think my favorite thing about this picture is that out of the 4 poses we bought, this was the one that most family ect picked because "It is exactly like you and her" <3

Going geocaching with Nikki today. Maybe we will have a good story, maybe we will just freeze to death. Nothing like a good hike in 20degree weather.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A photo of you

Day 5: A photo of you
Lovely photo of me. This was taken at the King Richard's Faire in Carver Ma. this past October. Damn it was cold!!
Life pretty much sucks right now. I just feel so burnt out and stressed. I actually shook uncontrollably last night in bed. All this bullshit needs to either pass, or or resolve itself really quick! I dont know how much more I can take.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Day 4: A picture of the last place you went on vacation.
I guess that would be Spain. It wasn't really a vacation but it is the last place I went *shrug* When mom and Wendy were there it was like a vacation. I got to be all touristy. Anyway this is a picture of the three of us in the bell tower of the "new" Cathedral in Cadiz.
Today I dont know what is going on.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Photo that makes you happy

Here we are day 2 of 2011. Nothing super has happened yet, super good or super bad. I proudly didn't leave the house at all yesterday. Hopefully going to do a little geocaching today =) Then ham (bleah) dinner with Wendy and Keith.

Today's picture is "A photo that makes you happy" This was taken on Dug way bridge in Rhode Island during the summer of 2007. I hope I can always be like this. =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A pic of you last year

I thought I was going to have a shitty New Years Eve, but I didn't I had a really good time. My sister was supposed to have a party but that fell through and I didn't know till last min. UGH! So Jarrod and I ended up going to a bar. It wasn't packed but there was a good section of people there. We had Fist Pumps, THE Drunk Girl,The chill older guy, The ax murderer, the Dancing Old Farts and of course the funny but annoyed bartender. Even with Jarrod dancing with the older lady and knocking her down twice, it was a great night. Hopefully preceding a great year.
Now for my day 2 picture.....This was taken last year at my sisters house. Lets see whats changed, Wendy got rid of Andy and I'm not with Tyler anymore. I was living in Providence now Im in NK by way of Spain. Blah lets hope for less excitement this year, but more fun!!