Friday, January 7, 2011


Day 8: A photo of your favorite musician
Im so not following the rules today. I can't decide who is my favorite. So here are pics of my top 3....

1) Dropkick Murphy's - OMG I have nothing to say.
2) Jimmy Buffett - Thanks to my mother Jimmy Buffett is a soild part of my life. Been going to his shows since I was 14. They are always a family event.
3) Phil Tish - This guy is awesome! I know I know he isn't REALLY famous but aren't those the best kind.

Meme is an awesome seamstress and LOVES embroidery, so a few weeks ago Jarrod took an image and converted it so Meme's machine could sew it on to a hoodie for me. Im going over today to actually do it. SUPER EXCITED!! Hopefully I can convince her to let me do a few more eventually. I know some crazies who might like them.

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