Thursday, March 31, 2011

*Twiddles Thumbs*

Sorry I have been so boring as of late. My trip to texas took alot out of me. Im surprised I didn't come home with a cold of some sort.
Nothing really exciting going on here though. Just checking in to let you know Im alive. =)
Reading a new-ish book finally. Don't get me wrong I'm still in mourning over the loss of my kindle. (moment of silence please) But I couldn't just sit around and not have a book in my hands. So I have picked up "A Salty Piece of Land" by Jimmy Buffett. So far so good. Not as good as his other things but good none the less. I shall let you know when I'm done with it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I ain't skurred o' no ghost

Tonight I took the "wifey" aka Br out for some fun. The munchkin was away and the adults went out to play. =)

Im sure many of you know our fascination with spooky stuffs. Plus I love LOOOOVVVEEE history. Tonight our adventure took us to Old Town San Diego. I bought tickets on line for Ghostly Tours in History - A walking tour of Old Town We were supposed to meet outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 9:30, yet arrive 15 min early. We got to Old Town at about 8pm (I hate being late and parking is HORRIBLE) since we were so early food was to be had. Stopped in at the Barra Barra and had some awesome chicken tacos. Nomage was SO good and filling too, service meh not impressed.
About 8:45 we moseyed on over to the Cosmo Hotel. Walked around a bit, talked to the hostess. Waited around till about 9:40p and then got fed up. No one ever showed! Sure we saw people walking around in period wear but no one said anything to us. The was no "Tour Meets Here" sign or anything. So I made a phone call and left a delightful msg on the company's machine, nicely stating what had happened, the time and that I would be calling again in the AM to arrange a refund. At this point Br say's "Maybe we just missed them some how, let's walk up to the Whaley House and see if they know anything about our tour since it is supposed to be included."
We get up there and see a tour in the house already. Knock on a window to get attention of a guide. A nice and hansom gentleman comes to our aide. Victor? Vincent? I don't remember. He has the personal number of the owner of the tour company and gives her a call for us. She asks to speak to me, the tour guide for the evening told her that no one showed up tonight and so he packed it in. However she was going to make a call and see if she could get one of the others to give us at least a little tour so we weren't totally screwed. As we are waiting for her to call back I see someone who looks like it could be one of her tour guides walking down the street. I asked him if he was with the company, which he is, and if Lenore had contacted him. As I started to explain what happened she called, him! They arranged for him to "baby sit" us for a little while and someone else would come out to give us a decent tour. It is now pushing 1030-11pm. We go down the road to the oldest cemetary in San Diego and he entertained us for a good 30-45 mins.
A huge thank you to that guy (Magnus) for staying after hours and chilling with us. Lord knows he better get something good for that. I know his girlfriend was expecting him home and we kept him out.
So now its after 11 and a woman in all black 1850's attire shows up complete with HUGE feathered hat. We get handed off from Magnus to Lenore. Lenore takes us back through some of the spots in the cemetery and shows us where to take pictures and what to look for in them. We got some really good shots of some REALLY interesting stuff. After that she asks if we don't mind driving around a bit because most of the things we would normally see in the area are closed but she is more then willing to take us to some other areas that are with in a short drive. WOOT WOOT we are all about it. So after a quick stop off at the Whaley House for some of that history. (I got a pretty good shot of a little girl in a window) We headed off to a few of the local parks.
Did you know that there is a law in California that if a cemetery hasn't been used in 50 years it can be sold to the public for other use. WTF is with that SHIT? First place we went to that happened to. It was made into an elementary school and the rest of it was made into a park. They just took the headstones and dumped them in ditches. A few years later some partiers found the head stones and brought it to the cities attention. A memorial was erected and a few of the neater headstones were set up to be viewed in the park. I guess they had been having some "spooky" things happening in the area up until the memorial was made. Guess the "residents" didn't mind the park so much they just didn't want the markers in a ditch.
Then we went to Percidio Park. They have a Witches Tower there. It was the old jail but it just so happened to be built with a pentagram in the roof. The local coven still uses it. WEIRD!!
All in all she was with us over 2 hours and that isn't counting the time that Magnus entertained us in the graveyard in the beginning. I have to say a HUGE thank you to both of them. If you are ever in the San Diego area I would wholeheartedly recommend this company. I found out about half way though that Lenore is one of the owners of the company. That made it even cooler to me.
I guess not every night can be an awesome date night with the wifey. This one was a GREAT one!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Home sweet Home

Back from Austin! I had such a great trip but Im glad to be home. Few tid bits of fun:
I went tubing for the first time since high school. OH MAN! That was a blast. Nothing like falling off a rubber tube and skipping across the water like a rock with only a skimpy swim suit and a life jacket to protect you. If my arms hadn't dislocated I would have done it for hours. =)
Got to meet a TON of new and awesome people. I hope I get to go back soon and see them all again.
March 19th is Saint Joseph's Day, not many people take note of it. The Italians do though and they celebrate with a pastry called a zeppoli. Like a big cream puff with a canolli filling. We went to 4 bakeries to find the dang things. Finally the 4th one had them and get this the Owners are from Rhode Island and went to Johnson and Wales Uni. Go figure! I found this out because I was asking for a zeppoli and the guy behind the counter had no idea what it was. Another guy comes up (from behind the counter) and asks where I'm from because only people from the north east call them that. It made me feel good.
While in Austin they had the annual SXSW event (South by SouthWest) I got dragged out 3 nights in a row to 6ixth street. That was mostly a good time.

Now I'm home and miss it all. My friend there is an amazing person and while I was there I realized that I have to few friends like him.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep Austin Weird

As I got off the plane I saw this slogan "Keep Austin Weird" strange huh? Yea then last night they took me to 6th Street. WOW I dont know how else to explain it. Since it is spring break they had a good section of the street closed down and there were just TONS of people. Dirty hippies with dreads, people dressed as animals (but not furries just ears and hands) Gypsies, and of course the hopelessly wasted.
I can not dance to save my life. Here they have some shit I have never heard of before, dub step. Yea basically sounds like a sound mixer on crack. No beat, no rhythm almost strobe-like but lacking the steady. UGH awful is the only way I can describe it. Tonight we are going out again, Wu-tang is in town and that is what is on the agenda for tonight. OH JOY! At least I get to wear green <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday recap

Another glorious weekend has come and gone. Br finally got a chance to head up north to see her sister and new nephew. Which left me here to fend for myself LOL Had a busy weekend planned but that didn't exactly happen, which I was not sad about. The one event that I did attend was a local pub's 50 tap installation's 2nd anniversary. They order special beers and have a big to-do the whole day. I arrived with my friends at about 1230 and lasted till almost midnight. OH BOY! Me being sober this isn't such a bad thing but man some people I saw that day they were hurting. Anyway a good time was had by all. I actually ate for the first time at the pub. I am usually only there after the kitchen closes. Irish Nachos are my new favorite food. NOM NOM NOM! Actually everything I ate was amazing.

Seems like when ever I tell people "I'm sober, no not AA sober I just don't drink" they feel odd about me. Like I shouldn't be at a pub enjoying myself. Whatever! I know my friends love that they have a dependable DD there to take care of them if need be.
Today I embraced my nerdyness and joined in on my first tabletop game. For those of you who are scratching your head at that I'm sure you have heard of the highly poked at game called Dungeons and Dragons....yea thats a tabletop game. I had a BLAST!! Friend of mine has been wanting to try out a new version and needed one more person to play today so I stepped up. Hopefully I can make it my regular Sunday morning activity. GOD I'M SUCH A NERD!!

On a side note: I miss fun time with my roomie. Things have been so stressful the last few weeks. I really wish I could do something even just for a few hours to cheer her up or take her away and give her a little happiness. I know what was it last week we had our wine excursion.....But everything that has happened since then makes it feel like years ago. Blah just me whining.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I feel special

Hello again.
This week started out shitty. Nothing in particular just overall BLAH, and here it is already Wednesday again. *SIGH*
I did get an email from Urban Dictionary today =) WOOT WOOT here are my 3sec of fame. On February 12th Br and I were sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing, as you can see here This weekend so far (NSFM). When we created a new word : DOUCHE MUFFIN. We have been using it ever since and I decided to submit it to the grand know-all Urban Dictionary. It only took 18days, which is FOREVER in interwebs time, to get it approved. Here now is my official dictionary entry Douche Muffin #5

Till next time.......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something entirely different

Brandi and I have decided to start another blog this one will be about one of our favorite things.......Pleasure and Sex. I'm sure there will be some rambling about relationships also. No guarantee where this will go or what it will morph in to. If you are interested check it out.