Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Photo that makes you happy

Here we are day 2 of 2011. Nothing super has happened yet, super good or super bad. I proudly didn't leave the house at all yesterday. Hopefully going to do a little geocaching today =) Then ham (bleah) dinner with Wendy and Keith.

Today's picture is "A photo that makes you happy" This was taken on Dug way bridge in Rhode Island during the summer of 2007. I hope I can always be like this. =)


  1. 'I hope I can always be like this'

    So do I.

  2. Of course he does. You hardly have any clothes on ;)

  3. At least we are all on the same page =)

  4. I'm glad this day was a happy day...and that we were there to share the fun and take loads of fun pictures :-D