Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What to do what to do

I dont even know. Stress has reared its ugly head again. UGH I hate when stress manifests itself in odd ways. When I was in cali my ear went nuts and now this....
Anyway that is my short rant for the day. I am also sick, stuffy head starting to get a cough and I sound like a man with a voice that can't raise above a loud whisper. YEAAAA!


  1. Stress is a bitch, and some of us know her well. I wish I could give you some great advice, tell you how to deal with it. But i cant.

    Sometimes, you just have to ride the storm.

  2. Quit stressing. You're strong, and you know that. Just look at me to remind yourself that at any necessary moment LOL. I have a red WUSS flag in my pocket at all times :-)
    You'll manage to make it through, you always do. And just think, a new adventure...even though it's not really new, you've been there before.
    But meh. This cold is but a minor speedbumpeth. :-)

  3. Keep smiling, Possibly. You'll get through it.