Sunday, November 17, 2013

Well that was November pt 1

November was a crazy busy month! Let's start at the beginning because that is a very good place to start. November 1 I left work early to catch a plane with WVB to Austin, TX for the Chive Charities 1st Annual Green Gala. Oh my god it was amazing!! We got in at about midnight, rented a car and went to meetup with a old WoW guildie from back in the day. I LOVE knowing amazing people all over the world who I can call randomly and say "hey a friend and I are going to be in town can we crash at your place for a few nights" and know that 99% of the time it will be ok. Dom answered accordingly and let us crash no problem.
The next day was full of Chivery! WVB and I met up with the rest of the SD/LA crew at a place called Bangers for lunch. It wasn't just SoCal that showed up either. I would guess 50 chivers were there total.
 Just at lunch I got to meet so many chivers/chivettes that I had previously only known via social media. I also got to meet some for the true first time. On the way out to Austin WVB had told me that the one thing he absolutely wanted to do besides attend the gala was to visit the new/temp Chive office. Some of our new friends from Michigan made this happen by letting us and some Arizona chivers tag along when they got invited to the office. :) For non-chivers you may not understand that this is like going to Disneyland for us.
That night we all got gussied up for the actual gala....
I got to meet amazing chivers and chive charities beneficiarys from all over not just the US but the world. It was a truly amazing time and I hope I can atten next years gala also. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moving is like rain

I think everyone can agree, Moving sucks! I don't love it but this time around I am super excited. I just realized moving is like rain: when its coming down it sucks and messes everything up but once the rain clears it's a nice fresh start. I have been actively avoiding blogging. This has been for a few reasons. 1) I really haven't had that much of interest or pleasent things to say lately and 2) I was afraid of the repercussions if a certain someone read what I actually had to say. However as of Oct 1 I won't have to worry about that. Hooray!! I will no longer be living on eggshells with someone who flips out if the dog barks or if I leave my toothpaste out on the counter. Or keeps me up at night having screaming fights with the significant other. HOORAY!! So as much as I hate moving right now I can take it because it is one box at a time closer to having control over my life again.

Hopefully I will blog more after October 1!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Things I have learned since moving to California

I grew up in Central Florida with a little bit of Southern Rhode Island mixed in. When I moved out to Cali for the first time it was a strange new world for me. I have composed a list of things I have learned or accepted since moving to Southern California, and feel it is fitting to share it since this is my 2 year anniversary of moving back to San Diego. (2/8/11 is the actual date so I'm a few days late Oopes) 

1) It is perfectly acceptable to wear boots and shorts, any time of year. June beach party? Break out     those Uggs and coochie cutters. Christmas party? Sure those black tuxedo shorts go with those cute knee high boots.  Because your knees never get cold but damn your ankles do.

2) If traffic in other places is like automobile ballet, traffic in SoCal is like a mosh pit.

3) How you got from point A to point B is as interesting as cell division, and the focus of many a         conversation.

4) It is legal for a motorcycle to drive in between vehicle lanes. Scared the pee outta of me the first few times and still startles me once in a while.

5) Do NOT insult their craft beer and if you drink a national brand you will be ridiculed behind your back.

6) San Diego bums (not to be confused with HoBo which is an honored title) are creative. They actually put thought into their signs. "I bet you can't hit me with a quarter" and "My wife had a better lawyer" are a few I have personally seen.

That is all I have for now. Guess I just need to stay out here a while longer to find out some other oddities. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Lasting Love

February 17th 1973

I imagine it was cold and gray. However, I wasn't even thought of at the time so I don't really know. Actually now that I think about it I don't really know much about that day. I can only remember seeing one or maybe two pictures. What I do know is that it is my parents anniversary. They were young and presumably in love.

I never knew those people. I came about after 2 other children and 12 years later. The couple I call parents aren't the two people I imagine from that day. I know them as adults, experienced and wise. I know them as teachers, disciplinarians, confidants, a source of encouragement and comfort, anchors, and friends.  They have shown me that despite what this world shows us today, love is possible. Not only possible but long lasting and hardy.  That it can survive if you let it. Sometimes it is work, just like all things in life. Times have not always been easy for them with 3 children and the things that go along with them. I am proud to say that my parents are a shining example of love at its best. Now after 40 years together I can still see the love in my fathers eye when he looks at my mother and vice versa.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Monthly Goals

I was reading the awesome Jennee earlier today and I want to jump on the monthly goal band wagon. She has some lofty ones, I think I am just going to start small.

For the month of January I would like to:

Keep my car clean
Live within my means and maybe as a side note save a little $ too (That might just be wishful thinking though)
Allow myself be happy
Work on my happyness jar (Thank you Pintrest for that idea)

So those are my goals for January. I figure start small and see what happens.