Friday, February 18, 2011

I am poor and it sucks!

So after whining for a while and listening to Br tell me to "Just put it in your blog" I am actually doing it. Financially I am not in such a great place. My lovely ex husband is still contributing to my upkeep. (Bless his weird little heart) Im waiting on the government to decide if I'm crippled enough to not work. ~sigh~ Then if they decide that I am mostly normal I need to find a job. One that I can preferably walk to since I have a serious lack of vehicle.
MY POINT - I am accepting donations via paypal. See that new button up and to the right *points over yonder* You know you wanna click it......... Yes you can laugh. I have been saying it to people for months now as a joke, but at Br's urging Im actually putting it out there in the real world. SIGH So be free little plea.

In other news: Br and her child are both sick and have been for the last week. Yesterday the munchkin had an episode on the way home from "school" where if you looked or talked to him he would just cry. Nothing you could do but ignore the little guy. I fell asleep on the couch last night, vaguely remember Br coming out and covering me in blankets and giving me a real pillow. Still didn't sleep well but the effort was appreciated. =) Now Br is still asleep, with good reason she is hella sick, and I get to tend to munchkin. *twitch* All is well and it has been oh 3 hours. We shall see how the rest of the day goes.
Also back to the EX. In December his father had to have a quadruple bypass. Everything worked out just fine and he went back to work yesterday. Until he couldn't remember where he was or what he was doing. He has "lost" the last 2months. Only accepts that he had heart surgery because he can see the scar. Once they got him to the hospital to get checked out his retention fell to about 3mins. His short term memory is shot. Now here is the pain that deals with me. Ex has 6 siblings and Ex is currently stationed in Spain. NO ONE TELLS HIM ANYTHING. The only reason he found out his father was in the Hosp the first time is because one of his sisters called me, the sister who lives in a separate state from the rest of the family. This is again what happened last night. The same sister called me and asked if I would contact the Ex. Which I did a little reluctantly. See Im in Cali and he is in Spain which is a 9hour difference. I tried his cell number but that didn't work. =/ So the only choice I had left before going all RED CROSS was to contact his superior at his home, the time being 1am. It worked but I still felt bad. "OH hi sorry Im calling at 1 am and woke up your 2 small children but this is So in So's ex wife could you get him a msg?" Shortly there after I saw Ex get on skype to call the family. I guess my part went well. Still have no info on the old man though. Hope everything gets cleared up soon. They were saying it might have been a stroke.

Now Im going to go hunt some elusive tupperware in the woods. Maybe it will de-stress-ify me.


  1. good that you were able to get ahold of him :=D
    And yay you're taking care of a sick kid! WTG!

  2. Hope you're satisfyingly de-stressified now, Possibly.

    (I put some good wishes in the collection plate.)