Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow that was a weekend?

I am finally mostly recovered from this past weekend and here it is already Wednesday.

Friday: I went out to the bar with some new friends. Made fun of some ridiculously drunk and fashionably challenged girls. Est bed time 2:30am

Saturday: We weren't going to go out, but then did. Ended up picking up my friend Lucas and heading to a bar in SD called Whiskey Girl. WOW that was just WOW. Crammed Packed!! Yes people bumped into me and I was tossing elbows when I could. Knocked my right hip out of place =( which means half the night I got to stand on one foot. WEEEEEE! Toss in a drunk girl, a boy fresh out of rehab and a set of questionably obtained clothing and you have a good time. Est bed time 5:00am
50 Days sober RUINED by ME!!

Sunday: Lovely, Beautiful, most favored BFF BR woke me up at 9am. After a great breakfast of Crapes and corned beef hash. We were off to the gun range. WOOT!! Most people are frightened at the thought of me with a weapon. The people in the chute next to us took pity on our fail loading skills and helped us out. If they hadn't my poor fingers would still be bleeding. Those nice gentlemen also let us shoot one of their .45 revolvers. I totally felt like Dirty Harry! Yes I know I shoot funny, its because of my bone thing.

Monday was a lazy day until the munchkin came home, but isn't that always the way? We shall see what this weekend shall bring.


  1. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJOR jealousy. I want to shoot again oh so bad. Grr. Maybe I should ask Dad to bring me again before they leave to FL...sigh. And I totally want zombie targets. That would be oh-so badass.
    I feel really bad that I can't donate back to the Becky fund that has helped me out so much financially in the past...but unfortunately I am still not rich and that pisses me off. If I was financially stable, though, you'd be the first friend getting little donations LOL.
    Random stonerramble. Oh well.
    So have you been able to connect to and read my journal on here yet orrrrr is it still not letting you??
    And tssssk tsssk ruining some nice boy's sobreity!!

  2. Dirty Harry, huh? I'm impressed.

  3. Very, very interesting.