Monday, February 14, 2011

(NSFM) Happy VD!!

Another NSFM Posting. Oh well
Well today is Saint Valentines day. Yet another holiday that is about murder and betrayal that we have warped in to love and commercialism. I am grateful I have Brandi. I planned to make dinner for us tonight and be cheesy since neither one of us is in a serious relationship at the moment. At least not serious enough to be together on Valentines Day, distance sucks. So we went out and did what any self respecting female would do.......Take a trip to the "toy store." Our local establishment is the 2nd best I have ever been to. #1 Being Fairvilla in Orlando FL. We spent about an hour just walking around touching everything wishing on others and wondering on most. The sales girl that was there today was awesome. She wasn't one of those that makes you ashamed for being in there and genuinely wants to educate you. I actually learned some stuff. They have these new egg things for guys. SUPER NEAT! I almost wish I had a penis just so I could feel it. Almost!  The pic below just amused the poo out of me. How many times have you told a guy to go "Screw Yourself" lol now they can. Geeze some of the silly shit people come up with and us humans actually buy.

 Anyway Brandi bought me a new toy for valentines day. =) I knew I loved her for some reason. Then she decided to get herself one too. Now we have matching toys. Mine is a tad different but basically the same. This is a photo of our purchases at the store today. Mine is on the left hers is on the right. Lube, Shaving creame, Toy, Toy cleaner, after shave drops (with tea tree) and toy. Im excited about the shave gel and the tea tree stuff because who likes bumps and stuff? NOT ME!!
Her son got home after school and had V-day cards for both of us. I felt so special. Now its off to make pot roast with mashed potatos and tease BR for crying over the card I gave her. <3 This has honestly been the best Feb 14th of my life.


  1. Sheesh!

    Hope you and Brandi are fine, Possibly. I just tried visiting Brandi's blog. Seems she ain't there anymore.

  2. S'ok, I found her again.

  3. Yea she seems to have been a little lost lately =) Glad you found her again. Honestly though when she changed her whatnot around I couldn't get to her blog for a good 30mins. Had me all worked up in a tizzy.

  4. Yup, that's the problem I had.

  5. hahahaha me and my sad little one toy are jealous of you and all your fancy shenanigans. But then again, I kinda have a penis...LOL. In a sort of way. Anyway. You get what I mean. LOL. Glad to hear you're having fun, but of course, I knew you find a way no matter where you are :-D