Sunday, February 6, 2011

A tree grows in Goddard

As some of you know I like to go Geocaching. Not familiar with this hobby? Basically people use hand held GSP devices to hide containers (film tube to ammo cans and all Tupperware in between) in nifty little areas. I have been sick this last week and pretty much house bound since I lack a car of my own. So Saturday Jarrod picked me up and took me out to hunt some geocaches. Nothing to hard since it was crappy out, still raining and just normal New England in February, we planned to hit some that don't require hiking but are just park and grab's in urban areas. Wellllllllll after two of those I was done. ZZZZzzzZZZZzzzz boring! Jarrod asked "Are there any caches you WANT to get?" YES there is this one called a tree grows in Goddard. You see during the summer and enjoyable months in the area Goddard park is PACKED with people. No so good for being sneaky and geocaching. So why not try to get this high profile container while its miserable out, and off we went. This tree is HUGE! Jarrod and I are not tall people. We find the obvious spot and neither of us small folk can reach it. So we stack up and with me on Pierce_J's shoulders I still can't reach. Blindly feeling around there is nothing there. We ponder this a few minutes and Me again with my bright ideas decide to climb the tree and investigate from above. That I admit was FUN!!! However being little folk I had to use the branch farthest way and scoot, crawl and pray not to fall all the way to the heart of the tree. Since it is covered in snow and ice with a decent 8foot drop. At least this gave me the advantage of seeing exactly what I was dealing with the container was frozen solid, with the lip of the lid only barely showing out of the ice. As nimble as a snow monkey I hopped down from the limbs and then climbed back up my human ladder this time to stand on his shoulders and not just sit. Using a few different sized sharpies as excavation tools and a little blood from my knuckles I was able to chisel out the container. There was much rejoicing while signing the log and replacing as found. close as we could get it since I chipped all the delightful ice camo away.
Scooting, crawling and praying not to fall

I dominated that tree!
This was SO MUCH FUN!!  I miss getting out and having ridiculous adventures. Even if this one left me shivering and exhausted. I passed out dead asleep as soon as I got in a warmed up a little. I also know my sore throat is not going away as quickly as it could because of this little adventure, but it was SO worth it.


  1. I wanted to go do ridiculous hiking caches with you in CT today, but damn all this snow, u changin ur mind, and us both being sick. Sometime in the summer, you gotta come back (yes, AGAIN!) and we'll drive over to near where I grew up and poke around there. You should even check the zip code, and see how many are close. U've created a monster. If I had more money, I'd have my own account, and I'd make the BEST caches ever. Seriously. All these other ones SUCK. Lol.
    Do you really haz 2 go? Now that today's over, I'm all sorts of sad face :-(

  2. Hello Snow Monkey. You know that second picture... it looks like you're a lot higher than eight feet off the ground.