Friday, February 18, 2011

Snowboarding and a Phone that LOCKS

Silly me has a standard cell phone and it doesn't have that nifty enter-the-code-to-type feature. -SIGH-
My lovely roomie BR (Bless her heart) gets ski updates from Big Bear Resort which is just up the road from us about 3hrs. She got one of these lovely reports about 5mins ago and decided that we NEEDED to go. Being the kind and loving roomie she is, she knows I have big fat 0 funds for that kind of fun. So she grabs my phone and drafts this AWESOME TEXT
"B needs money to go snowboarding...go donate at her blog <3 BR"
Then proceeds to send it to almost everyone in my phone.  I mean hey I love free money but damn!! So if you would like to give me some free money check out the nifty donate button. *Points to the upper right yellow button that says DONATE* If not sorry for the begging text. I have to go beat my roomie now =)


  1. I would totally donate, but I am completley broke. Also do you not have my number anymore, because I never got a text.

  2. You know if this works, I'm gonna try it myself.