Friday, February 25, 2011

Wine and Caching

Today BR had to go up to Temecula to pick up some wine for some club her sister is in. You know what this means........FIELD TRIP!!!!
A few years ago when my mother came out here we went to a winery called Leonesse and did a tasting. Mom had found out about them through a friend of a friend. She joined their wine club and gets regular shipments of their stuff. When we were here before mom got 2 logo glasses, well last week or so dad accidentally broke one. =( Since Im back in the area mom asked if I could pick a new one up for her some day when I thought of it. Now Leonesse isn't the winery that BR had to pick things up from but hey why only visit one when you can squeeze in 2 or even 3.

Leonesse was our first stop. They are super nice and I am definitely a huge fan, even though I don't drink. The whole atmosphere, everything. Found out that when mom signed up for the wine club she put my name on the account too, which means....I got a free tasting today which of course BR used. The server even vaguely remembered me from when we signed up. From there BR bought a bottle of Port and a bottle of Ice Wine. I specifically asked if they had any ice wine because BR had never heard of it. I actually enjoy the stuff. Its considered a dessert wine and very sweet. Bad news is they didn't have any logo glasses for mom =( But we did get the bottles at a discount because of her club membership. WIN!

Like I do anytime BR and I are out I looked up if there was a geocache in the area. There was right on Leonesse property =) SUPER WIN! This was BR's first geocache with me and she even found it before I did. Sigh. Oh well, at least she didn't hate me dragging her to find it. This time....

I have a friend named Clarence whos soul I happen to own. Long silly story. ANYWAY one day we got on the topic of how I have fun adventures and travel alot. He said that his soul should go with and enjoy these trips also. I then made a little paper man to take with me and dubbed him "Soul of Clarence"

 Next stop was Wilson Creek. This is where we had to pick up the case of wine for sister. I wasn't really impressed. It was busy and felt very corporate. Blah, but they did have a HUGE wine bottle in the parking lot that I could put Clarence (aka CB, Clare Bear) on and take a few pics.

While we were driving from one winery to the other we saw so many little places in between, one caught our eye. Cougar Vineyards. Oh yea definitely had to go back and take a few pics there. Checked and made sure we had enough time before going to pick up the munchkin and then zoomed over to Cougar. Cougar is a very small operation. I didn't even like the smell of their wines, but the server was great. Took a few pics, and the ladies next to us asked about CB. So I told them what he was about and they offered to take a pic for us. It was a great day. I absolutely love being out here with BR. Even with all the stress we each face days like this where just a little field trip makes everything wonderful.

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  1. A real fun day out. I'm learning to expect nothing less from you two.