Saturday, February 12, 2011

This weekend so far (NSFM)

My mother has been known to read my blog, so the disclaimer (NotSafeForMom) is to let her know there might be things in this post that she probably wont want to see. However if she reads anyway that is her business and I can not be held responsible.  
Last night Brandi was sick =( which caused everything to be amplified the silliness and the annoyances. Also I started my joyous gift of being a woman today. Which is amplified by my Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome, so I feel like a lump of melting jello. But we spent the night cruising the world wide interwebbiez and laughing at random things. I REALLY enjoyed Scary Sex Toy Friday where we found some GREAT things to laugh at. This is my favorite
available at Necronomicox for the reasonable price of $250. I don't know about anyone else but that just screams STD to me. I was taught that if it looks like that it should not go anywhere NEAR you.
We stumbled upon a blog that used the term Douche Waffle. Which led to me commenting that Douche Muffin is child sized douchyness. Now we refer to DM when her child is exceding the brattyness and just launching straight in to Douche Muffin. This caused us to contemplate starting a bakery and cafe, the name will be Douche Confections. It will serve normal food with horrible names.........Ookie Cookies,a portuguese breakfast, Brown Apple (this could just be a flavor name), Blue Waffle, ROFL Waffle, Douche Baguette, and of course Douche Muffins. This was all discussed in Brandi's status on the glorious facebook. We got a total of 55 comments on that one. So I belive it was a successful night.
Today we took the munchkin (since he wasn't being a douche muffin today) to see the new movie Gnomeo & Juilet. OMG it was adorable. I have a soft spot for Gnomes anyway but this is just awesome. I dont know how good ol' Billy Shakespeare would feel about it but I hope he would at least realize that we still enjoy his works. Plus they gnome-afied Elton John who can resist that??
Well that is all for now until next time........


  1. Lol. Dork.
    And those sex toys are scary as hell!

  2. Dork or not...That shit was fun!

  3. Yup, I agree - STD. Makes me wonder if the fella that modeled for those is still alive.