Friday, April 22, 2011

Well I did it....and my fat kid won

Last night was the Deschutes Brewery beer and dinner pairing event at Churchill's Pub. As everyone knows I am sober. However, when I was offered a ticket it was with the agreement that I would drink at least half of each of the five beers that were offered. I fought with myself over it and finally broke down and agreed. I mean the menu just looked SOO SOO good!

Deschutes Beer Pairing Menu
1. Cascade(summer ale)
Mozzarella hazelnut salad
Light buffalo mozzarella crusted with toasted hazelnuts resting on a bed of fresh spring mix and basil. Topped with blood orange segments and a citrus reduction.
Oh man this was my first and favorite beer of the evening. Cascade is super light and is more of a cider taste then nasty beer. 
Now personally I don't care for spring salad. This was very good. Mixed with the blood oranges it balanced out the tart of the greens.
Finished most of my salad and all of my half glass of beer.

2. Mirror Pond(Pale Ale)
Kobe & Confit sliders
Tender ground Kobe beef topped with caramelized shallots and tomato confit on a brioche bun. Served with crispy jalapeno fries and house made habanero ketchup.

The mirror pond is their most popular beer at the moment. It was ok for me. Nothing special, yet still tolerable. 
Oh my god!! These sliders were so good. I wish I had a whole burger of this to eat. The little nibble was so not enough. Jalapeno fries meh not wonderful.
 Finished my food, minus the fries (one was enough) and emptied my beer too. 

3. Deschutes Hefeweizen
Sautéed soft shell Blue Crab
Soft shell crab brushed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and sautéed to perfection. Served with radicchio carrot slaw and crispy plantain chips

The Deschutes Hefeweizen is so new they don't even have an actual name for it yet. I have sipped a hef before. Tasted like beer. Run of the mill who my untrained taste buds. 
I have never had soft shell crab before. Not a fan. Yes I tried it. Cut it in half and just popped the whole thing in my mouth. BLEAH BRAINS! Salty brains at that. The brewer from Deschutes was sitting to my left and gladly finished my plate for me. I did eat my plantains though. Those were yummy. 
At this point everyone around us had heard of my non-drinking past and I really didn't want to finish this beer. One of the other brewers was sitting across from my date and he even gave me the "okay" to pass since I had tried it and didn't really like it. However my date gave me a little flac and I ended up just downing it like a champ! I also took 3 papya from my purse since I had started to feel a little fuzzy headed and didn't want my stomach to revolt.

4. Black Butte(porter)
Malt & coffee smoked beef brisket
12 hour smoked all natural beef brisket with hints of coffee and roasted malt. Served with cocoa corn bread, slow simmered black bean puree and crispy kale.

This is what they call the beer for women. I was a little scared because it is a DARK almost black. Usually the darker the more bitter. I was so wrong. It is made with a hint of chocolet flavor with a touch of coffee after taste. I was very impressed! 
Now at that to the slow smoked brisket and amazing cocoa corn bread this round was matched perfectly. I might just have to jump AG the head chef and beg for this cornbread recipe. Needless to say I finished both my meal (practically licked my plate clean) and my beer with this one.
5. Jubel 2010(pinot noir barrel aged strong ale)
Poached Figs poached in Jubel 2010, port wine, vanilla and sugar. Served with vanilla bean ice cream and a Jubel 2010 reduction caramel.

I could not stomach this beer at all. I took one sip and made "the face." All scrunched up and BLEAH! Only because the man next to me had requested to see "the face" if and when it presented it self did I take another sip. Bitter and classic DARK BEER. 
The only thing I liked about this course was the reduction sauce. I couldn't eat the ice cream even if I wanted to and I wasn't willing to tempt fate tonight after drinking 4-ish beers. (More like 2 and a few sips) I did find out that I am NOT A FAN of poached figs. Nope I will keep my fig in its newton from now on.

Final tally 4 of 5 beers and 3 of 5 plates. Not so bad for a skinny kid who never drinks. 

This guy's job is to drink beer all day and schmooze.

Yes I have had a few how could you tell?!

I do have to mention I was in a prime seat. The dining room was set up for 50people. One loooong banquet table and three booths. My date and I were set directly in the middle of the banquet table with the head bartender from the pub on the right, and a brewer across from my date. I had the local distributor across from me and two brewers to my left. These guys were a load of fun! They also gave us a TON of glasses. I think we came out with a full six set of fancy glasses and at least 4 pints. Plus bottle openers and nifty leather coasters. 

I can't leave out AG.......omg! I thought I had a favorite chef at home (fla) I might have found one out here. I will rarely doubt food that AG suggests to me now. This fat kid has a new tummy crush. Now if only I could get him to make me some benoffee pie.....


  1. Hey! I left a brilliant comment and Blogger bugged!

    What did I say?

    The food sounds pretty good, and it sounded like fun. Except the beer because I hate beer.

    I said something like that. Only it was better the other way.

  2. OMG. I would KILL to go to an event like this.

  3. Cocoa corn bread sounds amaaaaazing.
    And mmmmmmm kobe beef!! Om nom nom!
    Yay for so much free stuff! Well, not really free, but bonus :-)