Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have a court date Lalalalala

I am almost totally divorced!! For once the gov'mt is being nice and understanding. According to florida law (which is where we got married) one party is supposed to show up for the final judgment in a divorce case. Well he is in Spain and I am in California. Hummm......The clerks office called me yesterday and said (ever so sweetly) we have a spot open a week from today at 9:30am, would you like it? Well SURE one week from now is GREAT to bad I'm not in the state and $500 to get there. So the clerk did some checking and got approval for me to show up via telephone. I just need to find a notary out here that will swear me in at that hour of morning which is 5:30am my time. SIGH but not a bad sigh just a UGH this is gonna cost me Sigh, hopefully less then a plane ticket to Florida.

Anyway that's all my news for now.


  1. Wow. Divorce sounds...less than fun. Couldn't you just sign some paper work and have a lawyer file them?

  2. We have a very simple divorce, no squabbling, children or property. So we don't need lawyers. Saves money too. In the state of Fla you can just file the paperwork and pay the fee ($420 lol) the only real request is that one party actually show up to the hearing to show that you really want this to go through with. Normally it isn't that big of a deal, just because we are military causing us to not actually be there, it is harder.