Friday, April 1, 2011

I talk to strangers

I just can't help it. I was raised to knock on doors of strangers from a young age and now I'm just not shy. Go figure. Gladly I escaped the door knocking. ANYWAY.....Last night Br and I went to this event put on by the people at Shadow Boudoir they do boudoir photography. At the event they had people from Deja Vu Love Boutique and Minx Nails.

Br and I got there a little after 6:30p gather our drink tickets and gift bags then proceed to mingle. All the employees are dressed in black and hot pink. Most have a rockabilly feel to them also. The first room inside the door is a reception area. Then you go in to another room with a make shift bar, hors d'oeuvers and a settee. On the settee is an woman sitting all alone. Older maybe mom aged. Since I never pass up a chance to sit down I plop on down while Br is getting snacks and drinks. Lovely lady and I start talking. She was invited out tonight by some of her coworkers and none of them showed up. So I tell her that we will adopt her for the evening so she isn't flying solo. This is the best thing I did alllllll night. As most of you know Br and I are HUGE perv's. Turns out this woman (Ms. RN) just retired from the military and was in the Ob/Gyn department as the commander. She has some stories to tell. She shared a few and had us ROLLING! We told her all about our blogs and she promised to go home and read them. She even offered to assist on some of the tougher questions we get. So don't be surprised if you see me mention her more often. Br and I deff want to chill with her again and both added her on FB.  
We grabbed seats and did a little people watching. Now if you know me IRL then you know how I people watch.......I share what I am thinking with who ever is with me. There were some gems out at this event. All in all I would say 20 to 30 ladies showed up. Plus the 10 or so employees and what not. Here are some of the highlights......
There were some VERY cute classic cali girls there, Cute top, shorty shorts and heals. All done up like some preppy girls from a movie. Heck even I was a tad jealous because I can't pull that shit off. NOW on the Other side of the table (literally this girl was sitting next to a girl with the look I think she was going for) skanky white top, short shorts that looked fresh out of the goodwill reject pile and ladies if you are going to wear shoes that show your toes please make sure your toes are either painted or bare, no pealing paint please. YUCK Poor thing looked like she was a regular on Jerry Springer. Another lady had a very striking resemblance to Cruella De Ville.

About this time the actual festivities were to begin.

Deja Vu donated some lingerie and they had some models put on a fashion show. They had a few tech troubles at first and only had 6 models. Most of which looked like they were terrified of the runway. One though, man she stole the show. She really pulled off every look they gave her and she had the crowd wrapped around her finger.

After the fashion show most of the guests cleared out pretty fast. Which meant the Minx table was open. They were doing free samples. Minx is a foil nail treatment. Imagine instead of going to the nail salon and having them put on polish they apply these paper/foil pieces to your nails and adhere it with heat. Very nifty if you ask me. They come in all sorts of designs since it is printed out prior to being applied. The lady says that that last about 2weeks at least, usually longer. Crystal was the girl who did mine and I think she is the owner of the local shop. They can do fingers and toes, its a little expensive but it lasts way longer and doesn't chip like a normal manicure. She also will come to your house for that normal price. We talked to her about doing a party and she is all about it. (Br and I are trying to get a "toy" party together and I think we are going to have Crystal come out and do nails too)

Over all it was a GREAT night.


  1. I love that you totally just adopted her! Friendly strangers are the BEST.