Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raw milk

I don't do many soap box postings, so here is one of the few.

A little back ground brought to you from www.raw-milk-facts.com
Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.
Raw milk from grass-fed cows is a complete and balanced food. You could literally live on it and nothing else for the rest of your life.

Q: Won't raw milk make me sick?
A: Not if it is properly collected from cows fed organic grass (and a minimum of grain). Heavy grain diets change the composition of the milk and hinder its ability to protect itself. Grass-fed milk has natural antibiotic properties that help protect it (and those lucky enough to drink it) from pathogenic bacteria. If you've been using pasteurized dairy products, you might want to eat small amounts of yogurt or kefir for a week or so, to give your digestive tract a pro-biotic boost, before switching to raw milk.
This tidbit I got from www.Realmilk.com 
Please note that this website recommends Real Milk--that is, milk that is full-fat, unprocessed, and from pasture-fed animals. We do NOT recommend consumption of raw milk from conventional confinement dairies or dairies which produce milk intended for pasteurization. Nor do we recommend the consumption of lowfat or skim raw milk--there are important protective factors in the butterfat. Real Milk, that is, raw whole milk from grass-fed animals (fed pasture, hay and silage), produced under clean conditions and promptly refrigerated, contains many anti-microbial and immune-supporting components; but this protective system in raw milk can be overwhelmed, and the milk contaminated, in situations conducive to filth and disease. Know your farmer!

See I know that there are dangers to drinking raw milk and why most milk is processed. Here is my story: 

I am lactose intolerant and have been since about 1998. When I eat or drink most milk products I get constipated for DAYS! Raw milk has no such effect on me. My parents own a small dairy farm in florida and I have been drinking their milk for years. When I am not home I either stay away from milk or limit my consumption to skim and no more then 8oz a day.

Yesterday I went to the local chain hippy market and found raw milk for sale in the dairy section. I was so excited I did a gahy little dance and everything. Almost professing my love for those damn hippies. Now I don't make it a habit to buy a half gallon of milk for almost $10, however this was a special occasion. Just imaging having to eat cookies and water, or cupcakes with no cold milk to wash it down. EXACTLY!! Now knowing the state of California and how it LOVES to rain on everyone parade just because it can I figured in my little head that this milk must be fairly safe. I have had no side effects and it has been a full 24hours and 4 glasses of milk. I am one happy camper!! 
This post is brought to you via facebook drama. I made the mistake of posting that I was happy about my find......

Totally just did a happy dance and squee'd in the hippy grocery store. They sell raw milk!! www.organicpastures.com
Which caused a fight between my friend C, on the boil your damn milk front, and my Mother, friend A and Br on the STFU front. 
Here are the highlights: 
C: I'll just give you a small anecdote: part of the reason life expectancies were so low before the industrial revolution is unpasteurized milk. 
Br: Freaking chill pill of all the people to do something uneducated about what shes doing to herself becky isnt one of them... Furthermore there were about a million other things during the industrial revolution that caused death besides just freaking raw milk...refrigeration wasnt prevalant, dieses were more prevalant, vaccinations werent as available and countless more reasons.   
C:Clearly, I was leaving room to account for all the other things that accounted for those low life expectancies. A...ll I was saying is make sure you boil the milk before drinking it. You have no idea how many different strains of cocci and fecal coliforms are present in the milk before you drink it. It comes down to the health of the cow, the cleanliness of the equipment in the farm, how long or well the milk was refrigerated. Remember, the food danger zone is between 40 - 140 degrees F. So, even if food is there only for a brief time, bacterial growth can explode from levels that were previously harmless. Look up logarithmic growth, you can even wiki it. 
Br: He is a well meaning friend, but one that is apparently a zealot about milk. I did read it but even with the "part of the reason" included in your statment you still were stating as if milk was like the plague. Its annoying when people get preachy about something and I would imagine instead of telling people why they are wrong asking their reasoning for something and then after finding out that reason maybe including a tip. Its kind like a vaccine or perscription drugs...they arent for everyone and there are side effect that can and will be serious but some people choose them because they have a postivie effect on the person.Its kind like a vaccine or perscription drugs...they arent for everyone and there are side effect that can and will be serious but some people choose them because they have a postivie effect on the person.

C: seriously, vaccines?! You're not one of those lunatics like Jenny McCarthy that thinks they cause autism. . .

I'm not telling her not to buy it, if she wants to waste $10/gal that's fine. Just boil it before drinking so you don't ge...t sick. It may not happen this particular gallon, but it will happen.
Whatever, do what you want. Don't vaccinate your kids, drink raw milk, don't wash your hands after wiping your ass. There's no science proving the benefits to any of those things anyway . . .

MOM:  @C- "It comes down to the health of the cow, the cleanliness of the equipment in the farm, how long or well the milk was refrigerated. " That's why we have our own cows, and encourage our customers to come to the farm and see our operation for themselves.

My big thing is no one feels the need to get into my life when I am having a crisis like organs removed or my husband abandoning me, but dear lord if I want to drink milk that is OPENLY sold in a state approved grocery store in the most law heavy state in the country I better hold the GOD DAMN PHONE!!  

Sigh!!! Might as well go be a coke whore. 

Raw milk is good! Just know where you are getting it from.(yes it might taste funny that is all the goodness H&P boil and mash out of it)
If you are in Fla check out my parents.......Crooked Oak Farm
-The End 


  1. My goodness, who knew milk was such a controversial subject?

    I personally don't drink raw milk. Not for health reasons and not for cost reasons. I just happen to like my milk pasteurized. Also, I'm not lactose intolerant (my younger sisters are) so I've never needed to find an alternative.

    Your Mom clearly won that, though. Did C respond?

  2. GRRRRRRR.... That douche waffle needed to back off my woman. I will say it a million times "I HATE FREAKING ZEALOTS"

  3. I wholeheartedly believe everyone should have an opinion. I wholeheartedlyer believe that everyone should not force their beliefs on anyone.

  4. We drank it as children and looked how we turned out! There was a dairy farm on Rt.3 in Hope Valley where my mother bought it. We fought over the cream that rose to the top. This has very little to do with the article but it did recall a childhood memory.

  5. I gave you an award! Go pick it up at my blog if you want it.

  6. I cared when you were real-life crisis-ing! And I didn't even notice the milk crisis! WIN! Lol.