Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its a bullshit day and then there are awards

I hate when you are having a bad week, month "quarter life crisis" and you just want to whine and bitch but the person or persons you try to vent to just deny your misery and proclaim that their life is worse. You know I'm sure it is, but this is my life and I have a right to bitch about it so just be a decent "friend" and listen to me. Don't start a pissing contest with me over who's life sucks more. Now that, that is out.....

I am unemployed and it sucks. I have officially gone on about 5 interviews in the last 2 weeks, 2 of which were today. THIS SUCKS!! Nothing like sending out about bagazillion resumes a day, turning in pointless applications and then getting told "you just aren't the right fit, better luck else where."
Yes he had a yellow jacket and matching shoes!
Yesterday I answered an ad for an "admin assistant part time" Yea I can handle part bad part time to these people is 5hours a week. FIVE! UGH! Not to mention I had an awesome time at the interview. I was to meet with 2 realitors, and I guess he didn't tell her where we were meeting and then he got called off to something else. So I was expecting a man and a woman at this coffee shop, she was expecting me to show up at the office. So I sat around this coffee shop for 20mins waiting and no one showed so I called and spoke to Mister Man who then called her. Blah I went to leave and this awesomely creepy guy. 
Yea no joke this guy comes up to me as I'm walking to my car. "Excuse me, you are beautiful" (Imagine this with a spanish accent complete with little lisp. Unlike The Barreness I don't have a weak spot for Spaniards.)
"Umm thank you"
"You look like you are having a bad day....can I give you a hug?"
"NO, and I just had a job interview and got stood up"
"what about dinner"
"no thank you I have a man for that already"
At that I spun and walked even faster away. Seemed like he got the idea as he didn't follow. But as I was calling to whine to momma I see him standing a few feet behind my car and waving at me with a woman. He saw her wandering like she was looking for some one and asked if she was looking for a female interveiw-y. Why yes she was, and he pointed her in my direction. GREAT!
Anyway 5 hours a week, not the best hours and income but hey its better then nothing right?
So today I went to an interview where it was 7 other women all scheduled at the same time. Yea that was fun. I have 0 hope in getting a call back from that one.
My 2nd interview today was listed as Receptionist, but it is really inbound telemarketing. UGH! I know I am being picky now but I would rather gouge my eyeballs out with a shard of glass. So that is a no go. I think the most discouraging part is they expect me to be a super peppy person on the phone to these poor suckers.
That is what I am dealing with WEEEEEEEEE!

On to happier things......awards!
I guess it was 2 months now since Brandi gave me the 7 Facts Award. Oopes guess I kinda suck at this award thing. My bad! Anyway in accordance with rule #1 Thank You Brandi.

The rules for this thing:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass on the award along to 15 5 other bloggers.
Seven Facts:
#1 I hate being touched. No really! HATE IT!
#2 I am terrified of cats.
#3 I found skydiving kind of boring. Meh not impressed. 
#4 I am addicted to cupcakes
#5 I don't know the pledge of allegiance, never learned it due to my religious up bringing. 
#6 I like pizza and orange juice
#7 I still hope for a knight in armor, it can be a little dull cause I'm not that picky.

So Im going to pass this little sucker on to:
Chef Adam
Not the Hero

and that's it because I'm a loser. Feel free to blow this off and not do it blah blah blah yada yada.

I also received this cute little one from Chanel

So thank you again Chanel.

This one I would like to pass on to:
Super Jess

and this awesome blog called
B and B Sexcapades

Enjoy and remember I think you are just lovely!


  1. {{hugs}} Aw, I'm sorry you're having a pre-midlife crises. Hopefully it gets better soon. Until then make Brandi buy you a cupcake. :)

    And thank you for the award, I will take it, but I won't pass it on, LOL. Is that horrible of me? I don't have the energy to do so. See, the woah is me face. *places back of hand against forehead and slouches in seat*

    And I am with you I don't like people touchng me either. Some cats do frighten me and I don't know the Star Spangled Banner song... I'm not even sure I spelt it right. LOL. Not due to anything religious I am just horrible at remember the words to any song. ;)

    Oh and I love the fact that you called me Super Jess, LOL.

  2. I understand 100% not passing it on. I felt intrusive and awkward telling people that I had given it to them.

    You are Super!

  3. Oh, we all know a one upper. You broke your arm? She broke both her legs AND her skull got cracked. Your boyfriend dumped you in an e-mail? Her boyfriend changed his phone number and never spoke to her again. Blah, blah, blah. I hate one uppers. If you have cancer, they have SUPER cancer. It's so obnoxious. I'm on your side in this one.

    I also hate job interviews at coffee shops. I had one once and they were twenty minutes late. (I'm not saying mine is worse. Yours is totally worse because at least they knew where they were supposed to meet me.)

    Thank you for the award! I've seen this one and I wanted it because of the flowers! Sunflowers are my third favorite flower. Actually, my second. My first favorite is tied by two flowers. Thank you again!

    And that award is cute, isn't it? I love the flower. It's so pretty.

    Have a better week/month/quarter life crisis.

  4. I love how you gave your other blog an award... clever girl.

  5. Guess you all know now....I am not above shameless self promotion.

  6. Hey Sweetie!

    Just stopping by to visit...I've been hidden away in my den trying to finish me book but I came out for a breath and a visit...just to let you know I'm still here!

    Big hugs

  7. That is absolutely AWFUL. What a creep! But, honestly? Telemarketing? Forget that shit! You don't need it!

    And that award is ADORABLE! So thank you, ma'am!