Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomorrow Tomorrow....

Tomorrow is the big day. I have to be up super early, well 6am, to drive and meet the notary who will swear me in while the judge is on the phone and can hear it. So that said judge can finalize the divorce. Not gonna lie it sucks!
I didn't want this. He did. Nothing like waiting four years (it would have been 5 on the 26th of April) for someone through various deployments just to be told the one time you go away...."yea don't bother coming back" IT SUCKS!
I don't think I will sleep well tonight. I also don't know if I will be crying my eyes out tomorrow for no reason or laughing like a retard. I'm glad it will be over. I feel like I have been stuck in limbo since I got the don't come back phone call. Guess it is time to move on and do something with myself then.

Anyway on to better topics.....

 My roomie had a friend come visit this past week. We all had a good time hanging out. Took him to some of the area tourist-y spots. Seaport village was one of those stops. Of course I had to climb a tree while I was there. 
Even got him to go to the local ren faire with us. As you can tell he didn't dress up, yes they heckled him about it too.

 And of course we had to make a stop at our local bar. Roomie was the center of attention there, but I promised I wouldn't tell THAT story. ;-)

  Untilnext time.....


  1. Wow. My parents dragged out their divorce for ten years, so I know from watching that it sucks when it takes a long time...I hope you don't end with tears.

  2. It won't stop hurting. Not yet. But you're getting out NOW. You're a freebird now. It'll be an amazing feeling someday...after the wounds heal. And they will =)

  3. Everything happens for a reason...what that is exactly aint up to us...dammit. Good news is you have a lot of people that have your back and love you to death. A close few would do anything in their power for you too. Besides theirs another dood out there thats 10 times better for you.

  4. Getting my final divorce hearing was long overdue and despite feeling really sad about something ending, I actually skipped out of the courthouse, yes, skipped, to the dismay of my attorney, because at least the limbo was done. It was over. Then I went to lunch with my new ex-hubs. We didn't and don't have a conventional relationship as you could guess. The best part of something ending is the opportunity for something new to start. Be excited about that something new!! Hugs to you!

  5. Thanks Randy, My ex and I have a pretty good relationship and I think as we get farther away from this event it will only get better and less weird. Glad to hear we aren't the only strange ones out there. I know I was tired and a little scared of the limbo too.


  6. 'Roomie was the center of attention there, but I promised I wouldn't tell THAT story. ;-)'

    Aww, go on...