Saturday, February 25, 2012

I love gifts

This week started out great. I came home from work the other day and there was a happy little package at my door. =) 

I was so excited when I opened it and saw a brandy new Kindle Touch. I had an original kindle from about 2008-09 that my ex gave me, but vanished on my flight out to San Diego last February. I was very upset but I have now been appeased.  This super gift comes courtesy of a friend I met while I was  in Spain as a late/early Christmas/birthday gift. So far I have downloaded a bunch of the trash I love to read but I also DL Cameo the Assassin. It was on my PBS list for a long time and never popped so I bought it and LOVED it. Vamps, zombies, murder, love, its awesome. Waiting till I have $ again to get books 2 & 3.  

Tuesday I went in for my yearly check up. Looks like I'm still doing good. HOORAY!! Nothing random or abnormal. I have a new doc again but at least the great state of cali is picking up the bill on this one. They have determined I am to poor to pay for my own health care. Totally not complaining on that one. But they are denying me birth control because I am fixed. Wondering why I asked for it? It helps control a lot of the pain and discomfort. Balance the hormones and balance the body. Oh well guess I get to live with feeling like squashed jello once a month for another 30 or so years now.

Today (Saturday) I took co-workers daughter out driving. She is 18, has her permit but has never driven. We drove for about 3hours. She did great. Went all the way to the coast via back roads grabbed some food and then she drove all the way back. 

After that I met up with BF and Roomie we were going to go geocaching out near Del Mar. However a few miles down the freeway it felt like I had hit something in the road and it had attached itself to the underside of my car before totally flying off. NOPE. My rear drivers side tire shredded. I exited the freeway and parked in a shopping center which just happened to have a tire shop in it. HOORAY!!
I go inside and over hear this AWESOME conversation between a female customer and the service guy: "But I have tire pressure sensors, doesn't when my air is low and automatically fix it? Cause it goes off sometimes." The tech went on to explain how sensors work and air pressure and why it does that. To which she responds "Well can't I just pay extra and and get ones that do, do that?" I was super proud of the tech he didn't laugh in her face. 
After that he checked out my car and told me that my front tires were ok and the specific tires on the rear had been discontinued about 5 years ago.....Which was NEWS to me since the man I got my car from led me to believe that they had been changed just this past year. As in the year 2011 sometime. Guess I was wrong. So AMAZING BF came to the rescue and got me two new rear tires. Sigh, I would be lost with out him some times. the plan is to watch some BSG tonight and maybe go caching tomorrow. *Fingers Crossed* 

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