Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week one: I fail

Last week I said I was going to try and blog every Wednesday. So far I fail. UGH. I guess getting it in one day late isn't too too bad. Still going to try for next Wednesday though.

 Work: Remember the little douchy I mentioned last week. Well sidekick and I got him banned from the office. =) Not totally banned but he isn't allowed to come in to the room we inhabit. What happened was....I had my handy dandy exercise ball chilling next to my desk ( I only use it half the day) Douchy decides since Sidekick and I are both occupying our respective desks and he can't mess with anything on them that he will play with my ball. (tee hee hee) BAD IDEA! I flipped shit. If I had gotten up out of my chair I would have seriously laid hands on him. So I did the little kid thing and hollard for boss man. BINGO there was lots of cranky russian exchanged and douchy now sits in the car when his teacher comes to the office. =D

Birthday: BF's Bday was last Thursday. Nothing super special happened. I had mentioned to my co-workers that he wanted a hookah and they all showed up at his gathering at our local watering hole and presented him with 2! Our night was pretty laid back. Dinner at the pub, lots of his friends showed up, breakfast at 2am at Denny's and then bed. I do have to say that our waitress at Denny's was entertaining. She spoke in movie quotes. If it wasn't 2am I would have been annoyed but I guess as an over night waitress you have to have something to entertain yourself.

Friends: Recently I have noticed my STARK lack of female friends. I decided that since good ol' CL has worked semi well in the past to try it again. So far I have met one girl (tall girl) and I am talking to a few others. Tall Girl lives like 30mins away which I'm not to worried about but it does make it hard since I crash out after work so early. Hopefully the other two pan out. One is really close to me like 10mins I am guessing. The other is about 30mins north, so we shall see what happens there. I am really just tired of wanting to go see a chick flick or company when I get my ritual pedi and having no one to go with.

Other bullshit: Seems like BF and I have been going out a lot lately. Really its just that since the holidays no one has had time or inclination to hang out. So this past Monday we went to Stone Brewery with some friends we last saw about 4months ago. It was ok. I mean its a brewery. What can be expected?! Beers which BF enjoyed. The food was only so so. But I'm sure it complimented the beer wonderfully.
 Then tuesday we went to a place called Sublime Ale House. It has so so reviews on yelp but we were going with 4 other people which made it ok. There I had the bowl of meatballs and was very happy. I will happily go there again. =)

Right now I am fighting the beginnings of a cold =( hopefully it either goes full blown soon or goes away. I hate this sitting on the fence crap. Maybe more sleep will help.

Guess thats all for now.

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  1. i miss you bein my only girly friend and dragging me to things like pedi's too LOL. Damn your California-ness. >.<