Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am tired of being a slacker!

I have decided that I have had enough!! My goal is now to blog every Wednesday night. It is my "free" night since they have guy time on Wednesdays and I close myself away upstairs.

Lets see here....J and I had our "one year anniversary"  at the end of January. Since there is so much that goes on in February and March we decided to use the day we met as our marker. Nothing special just congradualted each other on not getting sick of the other and wanting to continue dating. He got me some pretty flowers. I'm such a girl LOL. He is one of only 2 boys to EVER get me flowers so I was all giddy all day.
Oh Pretty!!
I know that I am jumping around a little but hey its how I write, sorry. Earlier in January we hiked up Twin Peaks Mountain. More of a hill but it was tough for me. I was proud when we got to the top and made roomie take gahy pics for us. =)
 It was a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. I can totally see why the rich build houses up here. (Sean Merriman's monstrosity is just to the right out of the shot)

 I think my timeline is just going backwards....

 My company put together a little outing for the everyone. We went Go Karting at a local establishment. Not everyone could show up but we had most the company and a few tag-alongs too. It was great fun! Near the end it turned into a bumper car round more then racing but still fun was had by all. The plastic seat left me with a nasty "rug burn" on my crack though =( But all in all I would totally do it again. Who knew hanging out with co-workers could be so much fun?!?!
 I have decided that I actually need to start working on my fitness, at least a little bit. However I have severe limitations due to my EDS. So I grabbed J's fitness ball, that has been stuffed in the closet since I moved in, and took it to work. Now I sit on it about half the day. They say that your spine is more fragile in the morning from being at rest all night and to not use it as a chair first thing. So I use my normal chair till lunch then switch it out. I have actually noticed a little change. The main reason I am doing it is because I don't want to get soft in the middle and I can already see it helping.
I snapped this pic one day when one of the tech's needed to use my computer. LOL
 Another point of note at work is we have a new apprentice. I think he is slo (like the gin) in the head. I don't think there is anything medically wrong but he says he is 22 and acts worse then the bosses 6yr old. He touches EVERYTHING. We have taken to locking out the computers when we go to lunch just so he won't mess with them. When I got back yesterday all of my paperclips were hooked together and put back in the box. RAWRRR!

Well that is all my bitching for now. Things to expect in the next post.....J's b-day (its today) and recovery from those shenningans. Plus my building excitement for VEGAS!!

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  1. large man on the girly balance ball photo made me squee :-P