Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventures OH MY!

Yesterday was leap day. Hooray we added one more day to the year. BLEAH! As you all know I am a geocacher. Last night the local cachers had an event out in Mission Trails Regional Park. Now I don't want to point fingers but who ever made the parking arrangements was kind of a douche. Once I found the actual parking lot I started treking in to the park. Problem is it was already almost sunset. So I go in and follow the trail left. BAD IDEA! I finally get to the top of a hill and take a look around. GPS says that I am .3 miles away. I finally spot a pavillion at about the right distance. To bad I have to cross 3 valleys and 2 decent hills. (see crappy map below) It is now mostly dark so I take a chance and que up on my phone and post a note on the event page that I'm lost in the park and need someone to call me. I decide that since I can see where I'm going I might as well just bushwack it straight across. Flashlight in hand down I go. I get down and across one little creek bed. Then I get a text..."The event is near a tall blue tower - Geobuddy" HOORY my cry for help worked. Now that I had contact I shot off a quick text to mom to take down that msg. Don't want my phone number out all alone in interwebbie land. I call the guy who sent me the text and tell him what I can see. I know I am going in the correct direction and mostly just ask that the group not totally leave before I get there. Lord knows I would NEVER get out if no one was left. Geobuddy gathered a few others and started strobing their flashlights for me. Making sure I keep going the right way. A few wandering down the hill a little ways towards me.  Finally I climb the last hill to the pavilion. I arrive to nice hugs and offers of pizza. Over an hour after the even started, guess its better late then never. 

They say that about 60 people showed up to the start of the event. When I arrived there were about 20 counting kids. I got to chill with some old salty cachers. (Which I have missed since leaving BBW and his crew in RI) I made friends with an old Swede "Bear" and a new guy too. They agreed to escort me back to the car via the long way around so we could get a few of the caches along the route. I had a GREAT TIME!! Took us about an hour to get back to the parking lot. Got 5 caches and swapped great stories. 
See getting lost has its advantages. I can't wait till next time. 
Purple Line is my Route

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  1. okay Rebecca.......what the hell is Geocaching? I've heard you and your Mom talk about it forever!!! Please fill me in.............. :) Barbara R.