Thursday, February 16, 2012

Movie Night and Other Stuffs

Totally skipping all the valentines day bullshit. Just sayin' BF and I didn't do anything because we didn't want to. 

Yesterday Tall Girl and I got dinner and a movie as a girls night out deal. We met at Island Burger pre show to eat and talk a little since we are still new to hanging out together. I told her about how BF and I met, and realized that the last year or so of my life was pretty drama filled. (Glad that has changed a little.) She told me about life north of here. Which is cool. Her home state is pretty much like RI. Rainy and crappy 90% of the time then gorgeous July and August. We had a good time. Then we walked over the theater to see 
"The Vow"  

It was ok. Yea I said it, JUST OK. Nothing wonderful. I teared up a little of course and the story had potential but I felt like it was just, I don't know, not put together well? I know it's based on a true story which I find really, really cool. (The real life couple got married in 1993 and then again in 1996 and now has 2 kids. They tell you that at the end and show a photo of all of them.) I think I was most bothered by the ending. It was a non-ending and I hate those. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?? Just tell us already. Sigh. 

Moving on. Work has been good. I'm waiting for it to pick up and everyone to start running around screaming again. I really like the company that I work for and that is worth more to me then having a high paying job. Since it has been slow though I have to catch up on scanning and filing. UGH I hate both of them. Filing less I just wish the back warehouse wasn't so dang cold. Burrrr. 

WTF has been up with Cali weather lately too? Seriously? 50 degrees as the high? This is southern California where the temp is supposed to be in the 70's all the time. I don't have enough sweaters for this kind of weather long term. 

I found out that my dad is going in for surgery on his hands. I don't know if I have mentioned it but my dad suffers from Dupuytren's Contracture. If you don't feel like clicking the wiki link think hook hand, where he can't open his hand all the way. It affects the middle, ring and pinkie on his right hand, and ring/pinkie on his left. The VA is going to correct it for him FINALLY. He is one of those guys who hates to go to the Doctor till he HAS to. Him dragging his feet has kinda bit him in the bum though because he needs to have a Z-plasty on the right hand. The left will be treated with an injection. These treatments should totally cure his condition though which is nice. I just hate that mom is going to take 2weeks off work to care for him as he recovers and I can't be there. Sucks when your parents start to get older. 

I am feeling the itch for adventure! Hopefully I can get motivated to go out and do something this weekend besides watch Battle Star Galactica. Must know who the last cylon is......  
Guess that is all for now.  

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  1. I'm almost done with the show. Last 3 episodes. :(