Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry 2011 Christmas!

Today I went to Downey CA with boyfriend and his parents to join the rest of the family for Christmas. That was fun only got my bottom grabbed by his ancient great-uncle twice. We got asked about our future plans about a jillion times. We are in no hurry to upgrade our relationship titles. Great auntie had personally invited me to Christmas and made me feel ├╝ber special while I was there.
I was super happy because I got to drive up and back and we took my car. That was my major problem with thanksgiving. I didn't get to drive and I was car sick from being cramped in the back of a two door infinity for 2 hours. Over all a good time was had by al.
For Christmas bf got me a new corset from Damsel in this Dress. Which is amazing!! His parents gave us a waffle maker among other things. The LA family gave us cute tea pot ornaments. My co-worker Olga gave me awesome Footie PJ's.
I think I was most excited about the BeerTender that I gave bf. Now he can have beer fresh from the tap anytime he wants and doesn't have to waste a big keg.
Christmas was over all a huge success. I can't wait for New Years!