Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Lasting Love

February 17th 1973

I imagine it was cold and gray. However, I wasn't even thought of at the time so I don't really know. Actually now that I think about it I don't really know much about that day. I can only remember seeing one or maybe two pictures. What I do know is that it is my parents anniversary. They were young and presumably in love.

I never knew those people. I came about after 2 other children and 12 years later. The couple I call parents aren't the two people I imagine from that day. I know them as adults, experienced and wise. I know them as teachers, disciplinarians, confidants, a source of encouragement and comfort, anchors, and friends.  They have shown me that despite what this world shows us today, love is possible. Not only possible but long lasting and hardy.  That it can survive if you let it. Sometimes it is work, just like all things in life. Times have not always been easy for them with 3 children and the things that go along with them. I am proud to say that my parents are a shining example of love at its best. Now after 40 years together I can still see the love in my fathers eye when he looks at my mother and vice versa.


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  1. your mom wont let anyone look at her after she reads this. :) <3