Monday, February 18, 2013

Things I have learned since moving to California

I grew up in Central Florida with a little bit of Southern Rhode Island mixed in. When I moved out to Cali for the first time it was a strange new world for me. I have composed a list of things I have learned or accepted since moving to Southern California, and feel it is fitting to share it since this is my 2 year anniversary of moving back to San Diego. (2/8/11 is the actual date so I'm a few days late Oopes) 

1) It is perfectly acceptable to wear boots and shorts, any time of year. June beach party? Break out     those Uggs and coochie cutters. Christmas party? Sure those black tuxedo shorts go with those cute knee high boots.  Because your knees never get cold but damn your ankles do.

2) If traffic in other places is like automobile ballet, traffic in SoCal is like a mosh pit.

3) How you got from point A to point B is as interesting as cell division, and the focus of many a         conversation.

4) It is legal for a motorcycle to drive in between vehicle lanes. Scared the pee outta of me the first few times and still startles me once in a while.

5) Do NOT insult their craft beer and if you drink a national brand you will be ridiculed behind your back.

6) San Diego bums (not to be confused with HoBo which is an honored title) are creative. They actually put thought into their signs. "I bet you can't hit me with a quarter" and "My wife had a better lawyer" are a few I have personally seen.

That is all I have for now. Guess I just need to stay out here a while longer to find out some other oddities. 

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  1. Haha, I wish we had creative bums out here in AZ!