Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wow its been forever...

I haven't been around that much sorry for the lack of posting.

Big things have happened......I got my new car, 1996 Nissan Maxima Gold. Then 2 weeks later I got into a little fender bender. Yes it's in the shop and no one got hurt.

This is my story of my history with 1996 gold Nissan Maximas:

 Now let me tell you the Max is a good car and I should KNOW. When I was 17 I was driving to church with my then boyfriend and since a boy and girl can't be alone in the car together his friend was in the back seat (with out his seat belt) We also had other friends following us in another car. I was the only one who knew where we were going. I told him to slow down but being a boy he sped around this big brush truck, forcing those who were on follow to do the same. Now we are doing at least 70 on a 50 limit road. Not that far ahead was a semi truck stopped in the road making a left hand turn but boy didn't see his break or turn lights. Boy applied the breaks best he could but we still ended up hitting the semi then the people following us hit us shoving the 1996 gold maxima farther under the semi. I remember opening my eyes and being surrounded by light pink. I tried to breath and it hurt, hurt so bad I didn't know if I was going to get another shot so I SCREAMED. I'm not a screamer by habit but this one came out since I didn't know if it would be my last breath ever. Then the pink was pulled back and I saw what I thought was the truck driver kicking in our windshield. Boy reached over and undid my seat belt and that released the pressure on my chest. I had been shoved under the dashboard with my seat belt still on and I was facing the back seat. What I thought was the truck driver kicking in the windshield was really the guy in the backseat crawling the rest of the way out the wind sheild, he didn't have a seat belt on and was tossed about 1/2 through the front window. The front doors wouldn't open so boy crawled through to the back seat. That's when I noticed my seat was totally broken and facing the door and not the hood. The two guys got my door open and pulled me out. I was having trouble breathing so I got laid down in the grass on the side of the road to wait for 911. While boy went off to bitch at someone for something. (Note to everyone out there...if you get in a serious accident DO NOT leave your bearly breathing underage girlfriend on the side of the road alone) One of the guys that hit us came up to me and asked who he should call. *this is my favorite part*  He went and found my cell phone and called my brother as instructed because my parents were out of state visiting my sister. 
Brother : Beck why aren't you at chuch
Guy: Umm this isn't her.
Brother: Are you ok? 
Guy: No we got in an accident on the way to church, everyone is alive
Brother Where are you?
  Guy : I dont know. becky where are we
Me: Tell him we are near the fairgrounds. 
Guy: he said he would just follow the sirens

Next thing I remember there is now a crowd of people around, and my brother pops his head in the circle asks me if I'm ok and says he will meet me at the hospital. I catch a glimpse of him as he walks away and he has on Bermuda shorts, a tee shirt and his cowboy boots.

Once I got loaded in to the ambulance I could tell we were going the wrong way. So I asked why...guess the law is that if you are under 18 you have to be airlifted to the nearest large hospital. So I wasn't going to podunk waterman I was getting a helo ride to Orlando. =(  The fireman who jumped in with us cheered me up though. He was talking to me trying to keep my mind off them cutting most of my clothes off and sticking me with double IV's. He asked where we were going and I told him. Since it is such a small community he knew exactly where we were going and took it upon himself to call ahead and tell the congregation what happened. Which I thought was nice. 

Anyway total injuy count was: Truck Driver = No injury, Maxima Driver = Broken nose, Me = 2 broken ribs (the doc says my Ehlers Danlos saved me from a punctured lung), Backseat retard w/o seatbelt = Scrapes on this face and arms. 
So when I was offered my NEW 1996 Maxima It was such a good deal I couldn't really turn it down, even though I was a little scared. Then BAM 2 weeks after I get it some stupid lady decides to stop in the middle of the intersection because she doesn't want to run over the pressure plate IN the road. It is built IN TO the road it is meant to be run over. I stopped and didn't hit her but I got bumped but the guy behind me. I need a new rear bumper, trunk, tail lights and new struts on the front. UGH mechinaic says I will get it back in 5 days. Fingers Crossed

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