Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stuff and a thing and more stuff

Well here I am sitting thinking. Hazard of it being a slow, rainy day. Anyway I'm sitting here thinking about life and all the things that have changed in the last few years. Last year at this time I was unemployed, married but in the process of divorce, living in Rhode Island, and seeing a boy who I thought was someone he wasn't. Since then I have moved across the country, gotten divorced, changed my name, started seeing a great guy, moved again (not nearly as far), got a car, got rid of said car, and FINALLY got a job. I think things are starting to look up for me. after so many years being "part" of the Navy I am scared to hope. Seems like when you are part of that life just when you start to hope and things look good shit goes DOWN! Fingers crossed that things keep going smoothly.

It is starting to rain here in SoCal. This makes me happy. On my lunch break I just sit in the car (loaned to me from the BF's parents) and listen to the plunk of rain drops. It is wonderful. I love sunshine and get a little depressed when I can't go outside for long periods of time, but rain is wonderful in its own right.

Last weekend we had that "fancy" dinner party. That went over soooo well. We made Bacon wrapped Tator Tots for the appetizer, regular tots for the vegetarians that attended (sigh) The bacon tots were the favorite of the night. Then she made homemade mac and cheese with bread crumbs. SUPER Yummy! Main course was lemon pepper pork tenderloin. All in all I think we pulled off a stellar "fancy" dinner party.

Now the thing about throwing a party is there is always that one person you gave a "pity" invite to that you don't really want to show up, and they always do. Yea he showed. He was interested in my friend who was co-hosting and she just wanted him to leave. We all sit down to dinner and I offer some bacon tots, to which he tells the table "Im vegetarian" OH man buddy you just opened the door there, now we have an in to ridicule you till you get so uncomfortable you leave. (Did I mention he has a fake accent? Says he was is Scotland for a year or so doing study abroad a few years ago, humm not enough to give you that crappy accent sorry) ANYWAY... Best way to make any veggie eater uncomfortable let me tell the story of Sassy burgers, and or Gregory. If I haven't mentioned it before my family has cows and sometimes we eat them. Yes we name all our animals so when the time comes and they are in the freezer they are still called by their prior name. Mr. Fake Accent Veggie Eater turned green and moved inside. Mission successful!

Thursday after work I get home, check the mail and have a package from mom. WEIRD she didn't say she was sending me anything. So I grab the mail and do the thing that EVERYONE does when they get a package, I shake it. No clue so I shake it alll the way in to the house. Finally pop it open and this is what I find. CHEESE!! Not just any cheese, HOMEMADE chedder cheese from mom and dad's cows. <3 I haven't tried it yet but I am planning on making Chedder and Potato soup this week out of it.(Minus the ham) Can't wait!

We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park this weekend. Super fun time!! We went with some friends of BF's and their kids. (2,8,11) They had memberships and let us use the guest passes so we got to go for FREE. That made the day even better.The kids were awesome! The little one can talk but she doesn't, the other two are boys and auto-cool. Hooray good parenting! Of course I had to shove my self in to a tiny space just because I could. =)

Tonight we are going to watch The Princess Bride! I'm stoked, BF hasn't ever seen the whole thing. On the topic of movies I want to see the new Footloose when it comes out. I know, I know it won't be like the original but you have to admit you are always a bit curious when they release a remake of something good.

Guess that is all the rambling I will be doing for now. Till next time....


  1. I love the picture of you in the small place. Princess Bride is the best movie. "The pit of *clears throat*"

  2. Well, that was a happy little ramble. Glad to see things are working out for you, Rebecca. Shame about Mister Fake Accident Veggie Eater.

  3. I've been so wanting to make my own cheese-- very jealous of your care package!