Sunday, December 11, 2011

More shitty news

I have been trying to get in touch with my ex's GF for a little while now. I finally got together the funds to retrieve my dog. Well she never wrote me back so after a decent amount of time I wrote the Ex. Figured since he is off In that hell known as the middle east he didn't want to deal with my petty shit. Anyway finally wrote him yesterday asking about the dog. I was nice and understanding yadda yadda. He writes back today 2 sentences "it would be nice if I could keep him. Hope all is well." So that's it! My dog is now gone forever. I could fight and bitch but I won't. They have had him for a year. They love him and are giving him a good home so who am I to ruin that?
This is me being a big kid and letting it go. After this post of course. Rawrrrrrrrrrr


  1. why would you stop fighting? Don't you have paperwork that he's yours from the get-go? vet records, rabies vaccination papers, yadda yadda?
    I'd fight it tooth n nail til I got him back. Pets are like children.

  2. I don't have the money to fight. They have been caring for him for a year. It's basicly abandonment. If Tyler doesn't want to give him up he doesn't have to. Also because they live off base I have no rights anyway because they are under Spanish law. It is just easier on my heart if I agree to let Tyler have him. At least I know he is wanted and being well cared for.

  3. "Rawrrrrr" is sometimes just the best word for life. Okay, I guess sometimes the word is a bit more vulgar than that, but yea.

    I read your story about the car crash you had when you were younger. It reminded me a lot of the only crash I've ever had in my life, which was about 3 years ago and nowhere near as bad as yours, but I remember how freaked out I was. Sounded intense! Hope you get your car back soon...

    Keep standing up for what you want. If you really want the dog, get it back. If its not that big of a deal, that's okay too I suppose, but just make sure you do what you really want!