Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time flies

Sorry I haven't been around that much. Lets see here...

1) Last weekend was San Diego Comic Con. (Yes I will do a post on that eventually)

1.5) SDCC caused my back to go out hard core, it has been a full week and it still hasn't come back in place. If you see it tell it I am looking for it, and miss it dearly. I walk like my Pop and am seriously thinking about a cane.

2) My trusty laptop bit the big one =( Well not totally, more like the charging cord bit it. So I have to scrounge up $ to get a new cord. BLAH!!

3) BR is moving. So I am trying to spend as much time soaking in the greatness that is BR before the 4th.

4) Gertrude is officially for sale. If I don't sell her by this time next week she is going to the junk man.

5) I hear Jenni over at Yes! I am a bitch... is having another giveaway. Go check it out. (BTW I won her last one woot woot, and she has altered her entry process to it is easier to enter *claps*)

That is all the update for now. More in depth when I can get longer access to interwebbies.

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