Friday, August 5, 2011

The Comic Con Post

I know San Diego Comic Con was July 21-24 and here it is August and now I am finally doing this post. I am sorry. I had to recover and all that fun stuff. Get ready for photo over load. 

Br went on Friday but I couldn't attend till Saturday. She was overwhelmed a tad and suggested we get there ASS early. We arrive at SDCC at 630am, the line is already around the back of the center. MY LINE. She already got her passes for all 3 days and so she went inside to stand in the "enter the hall" line. I wait 2hours in the line just to realize that I have my Sunday papers and not the Saturday ones. =( So I have to find a security guy to escort me out of the building so I can get to the car 6blocks away to get the correct paperwork. When I get back to the building there is 0 line. I just walked right in got my passes and went on my merry way. All while wearing my awesome costume that Catherine of The Cats Pajamas made me, ears and all. 
(She is awesome)

Here was the plan.....wander around and see what there was to see. Then at 1pm go up and get in line for the Christopher Moore book signing. That was the goal for saturday. My overall goal was to see my favorite webbie comics and Christopher Moore, maybe get a few drawings and the classic SDCC free stuffs. 
Oh man did we get swag!!
But more on that later.

Walky walky walky, Fight with people pushing and shoving for access to the booths that are giving away swag. Fox I think is run by a bunch of women.....yes we are giving things away in 5mins line up here. 20 mins later....NO we decided not to do that come back at 1230. At least we got a few snapshots of Adam West.

We walked from one side to the other just looking at everything. Trying to see who had booths ect. It was just a HUGE mass of crazy. Finally we ended up over in the webcomics area and I was happy. First stop was Jennie Breeden of The Devils Panties (Its not satanic porn) I picked up a set of her custom playing cards and an awesome magnet that says 
"Time is like a Zombie, it moves slow but all of a sudden BOO got your brains"
I wanted a sketch but didn't have a book or paper. (I can only be so prepared. I had painkillers and snacks, PRIORITIES)
Then we moved on to Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots. Where I did get a sketch because she had paper. Wish I could have gotten a plushy McPedro but having lost the Debit Card the previous week put a much needed damper on my spending. Below is the sketch of Jamie and her kitty that Danielle did for me.
Next I was going to see Jeph Jaques from Questionable Content but I couldn't catch him at his booth alll day. I was lucky to see him on Sunday even.So we moseyed on over to the ever lovely Randall Milholland of Something Positive. He was a BLAST!! I walked up with BR and asked him if he knew the name of the distorter that his cartoon cat has? "Umm no?" Well good sir it is called Ehlers - Danlos and I have it. This piqued his interest. He had a little sign that said "Sketches for donation of at least $1" sitting on the table. After explaining what the distorter causes me to do he asked if I would do a stupid human trick, and if so he would give me free sketches. Best part is he asked if this stupid human trick would make him squeel... yes it did, and he LOVED it. HAHAHA nothing like dislocating for free stuff.
This is the first sketch he did for me. It is one of his characters called Fluffmodious. I had him do the lettering in a diffrent color and the scanner didn't pick it up =( But he has a speech bubble that says: Hello new friend have a cute butt. (I think thats because we gave Randy one of the B & B blog business cards.)
So we stayed and chatted with him for a while, burning time before the C.Moore signing. Eventually it got to the topic of other comics. He asked who else we had seen and gotten sketches from. So I told him about the sad occurrence over at The Devils Panties where I couldn't get a sketch. Never have I seen a grown man giggle so maliciously. He offered to let me have a piece of paper to get a sketch from her. However he wanted to go torment her a bit first. As you noticed from the Fluffmodious sketch he has specially printed cards that he does sketches on. Not just regular blank paper. So he grabs a stack of these cards and we all tromp over to The Devils Panties to watch the fun. After the regular customers cleared out Randy hands Jennie the stack of cards and says "This little lady was disappointed because you didn't have any paper to do a sketch for her on. Here you can use some of mine." She laughed and did this little doodle for him.
 Then took the clean paper and did a little sketch of her Devil character for me. =) Such good fun all these artists have together.
After all that it was time to go sit in line for Christopher Moore. Man I was already tired. My left hip was out and my back was on its way out the door. Ate a granola bar and took a few more pain pills and stood in line for an hour waiting for this guy. I have to admit standing in one spot was GREAT for people watching, which EVERYONE knows is one of the best parts of Comic Con. There was the overweight cosplay ladies. Sorry I don't have pics of them though. They each had a screaming child and everyone knows how much I LOOOOOVE screaming douche muffins.
Finally Br and I got to see the hilarious author Christopher Moore. I had him sign my copy of Bloodsucking Feinds and she got Fluke signed. If you haven't heard of him go pick up one of his books.

After all that we decided to grab a seat out in the main hallway on a bench and people watch. Here are a few of my favorites. 
We all know Link was a Lefty, thats why she was my fav.
Br decided I would make a nice pillow while ppl watching.

Next up was the Frank Miller signing. I wasn't souped about this and neither was Brandi but hey we had the tickets so might as well attend. More line drama, yes you can line up, no you can't stand here. The security didn't know what was going on. Total lack of communication FAIL!! However good did come out of the whole thing. We were the last in line and got to chat with the security chick there, she ended up being nice and a cool person. Also we were lined up in front of this production booth and the guy who was passing out fliers was the producer for a little film called Come Together. I still haven't seen it but I have it on the board so I can watch it soon. The four of us chatted for well over an hour as we waited for Frank Miller to make his appearance. They both got business cards too. We shamelessly pimped both B&B, and The Cat's Pajamas all day long!

After all that we headed over to Tinfish and had dinner after meeting up with some fellow Geocachers that were at Comicon.

Sunday was pretty chill. We got there about 930. No problem. My back and below mostly on the left side were in horrible amounts of pain. Which produced a nasty limp that I still have. (I am seriously considering getting a cane to help with situations with lots of standing/walking)

Had to hump Op-Prime DUH!
First stop was the California Browncoats booth to try and get tickets to the signing they were hosting later in the day. 200 people were allowed to enter and 50 were chosen, we were not one of the 50.

Then we wandered some more. Stopping over to see Randy from S*P again. He had nothing going on so he drew me and Br in 50's pin-up style. We asked him to make me kind of violent. <3

After that we went to Rocken' Baja Lobster for breakfast. NOM NOM Br saw this doodle in the bathroom and shared it with me via text.

During breakfast we decided to give Randy my now favorite web comic a gift. So we googled Liquor Stores and started walking. Ended up walking about 15blocks to Albertsons to get a bottle of Sailor Jerry for Randy. I think he was happy. Just sayin'

After that we dropped that off we started walking again. We came upon an author doing book signings. I had to buy the book it is just PERFECT!!  Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls she even signed it with "Stay Angry" <3 I Love It!!

A while later we saw these three people, Two guys carrying and one girl guarding/directing, carrying a HUGE cake. They were working for Marvel at SDCC and after the Cake competition the head honchos gave them the winning cake. Br and I helped them out by directing and keeping the masses at bay. (Also passed out more B&B cards of course)

Those are all the highlights from SDCC2011. Maybe more next year. Hope you all enjoyed. I'm sure if I left anything out Br will cover it eventually.


  1. AHHHHH CHRISTOPHER MOORE!!! I seriously JUST finished Fluke three days ago.

    And looooooooove me some Frank Miller. I am supremely jealous of your SDCC exploits, lady.

  2. OMG...glad I stopped by on me break from writing so I could see this post! Looks like you had an awesome time!

    Miss you and Brandy both