Friday, July 15, 2011

Such a craptastic day

Today I was going to have an awesome lazy day. Chill with Br, get mani's and pedi's, stop at the post office and mail some books for PBS.

I crawled out of my awesome sleep haze and didn't want to get up. Something told me to just stay in bed. However I knew that today is one day that I have nothing else going on and Br was munchkin free for a little while. So out of bed I crawled. (Bad Idea)

Go to post office and I get to deal with Cranky Post Office Asian. SUPER! I have to mail 2 PBS books and I was lazy so I just grabbed 2 envelopes and stuffed them inside. 1) I forgot the zip code, no biggie 2) I had the printed paper from PBS and the normal Post guy just gives me a clear plastic pouch to stick it in that sticks to the front of the package. So bitchy Asian is a bitch and grills me about what is in the packages, UMM I just put the books in the packages in front of your face. Did you see me put a letter in there? Because I didn't! She messes up 2x on each package then tells me that my card is declined. "Are you sure you have money?"
@#$#@!!  I take my stuff and leave. Sending a text to my bank on the way out the door making sure I do indeed have funds.

In the car Br calls "yea our normal nail place is closed, guess they went on vacation" Great lets meet somewhere and see if we can find another place since this is the LAND of fucking immigrant Asians. We find a place and there are 3 people waiting. No biggie. We sign in and one of the waiters stands up and says "don't forget we are a party of 6"  -.- There is one name on the list before us. Plus this place was charging $22, ugh lets go somewhere else. As we walk out the woman says "Good thing you are finding some place else, we were here first just haven't signed in yet because the rest of our 8person party isn't here" Way for your customers to kill business for you. Sigh

Finally get the nails done and I am starting to relax when they say "I so sorry your card has been declined." RAWRRRRR So Br pays for all of it (She is such a sweetie) and I call the bank.

"Yea we put your account on hold because there was some odd activity......Have you used it at a Holiday Inn in blank City Missouri?" Um no no I haven't. "Yea we didn't think so either sooo now I have to cancel your card and issue you a new one. It will take about 7-10 days." They were super nice only problem my bank is in Rhode Island and I am still in California. SUCKY!!  Hope I get a new card before Comicon next weekend.

J has cheered me up immensely, he also taught me how to do simple photo shop like this pic of a friend of mine I plan on a Babylon 5 marathon tonight hopefully some pool tomorrow, this will be an awesome weekend I SHALL MAKE IT!!   Now for ice cream!!


  1. That is indeed a lame ass day, boo on all accounts.

  2. Wow. Your bank should have called you when they put a hold on your account instead of waiting for you to call them. That would have been better customer service.

  3. Wow there for a second I thought you were talking about Killeen, Texas you can't get anything do especially on base because of all the Asians..

  4. I can't email you for some reason but you have won the Eco Lips contest head on over to my page and email me your address please.