Friday, July 8, 2011

I be pimpin

Sorry I have been MIA so much lately. Lots of shit going on as I am sure you all know. Finally got to talk to the Ex about Keagan. So I feel a little bit better about that, just knowing things are on track and going as smoothly as possible helps my state of mind a TON! His lady friend will be handling things on that end for me, which is SUPER nice of her. I am very very grateful. 

There are some interesting things going on in the blogisphere that I think everyone should take note of..... 

1)  Toys For Sex  is having an AWESOME giveaway. They are giving away four gift cards! 2 - $10, 1 - $30, and 1 -$50. This is how you enter Clicky Clicky. There are also an additional  52 ways you can enter (after you do the 1 required) so you can up your chances of being a winnnnnnner!! 

2) I have found some awesome new bloggers to follow. 

Lets start with the "normal" ones.....
Hopeless but Optimistic is a noob to blogging and she entertains me with her tid bits. 

Fabulously Neurotic is written by my favorite hippie Chanel. 
Issues keeps me up to date on current events and his ramblings on them. 

Destery of I want you to hit me as hard as you can just plain old entertains me!

On the Sexy list we have P and C at Musings of a Drunken Student.

We can't forget the ever lovely and wonderful Jess at Let's talk about "it"

 Ok that is all the pimping I can handle for now. Who knew it was such hard work?? Go take a gander, hell have a goose too. (he he he farm humor)
Till next time


  1. Keagan is such a cute little dog! He smiles!

    I think I'm a little too uptight to be an outright hippie. I think I am more hippie-esque than straight up. Thanks for the links to blogs, though. I love finding new blogs to follow!

  2. Well you are my favorite hippie-esque person, and the most hippie of the people I know.

  3. Yay for pimping me out! Yes I am a total newb! Lmao. Hey it sure is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy! Loving your stuff Becky!

  4. I think I'm a love your blog! and oh yeah this contest is awesome can't wait to (hopefully WIN )!!!