Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I couldn't come up with a decent title today....blah!  I am having a classic "Im a fucking girl so leave me the fuck alone or come bearing gifts" type day. I wish I could get my mood swings under control. Maybe they will leave me alone tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

I haven't ever done an In My Mailbox post but I was super excited about getting this soooo gaze upon my awesome gifts.......
Oh yea that is a 1982 Volvo repair manual. I got this from Paperback swap. WOOT WOOT! The awesome license plate is from the great and wonderful Bob Graham. Finally the envelope is the travel bug that I put on Gertrude. If you are familiar with geocaching you should know what I am talking about. Basically you can "track" where my car has been spotted. 

Today I went on another interview.....this particular interviewer told me "You look like a girl but you speak like a man" Which I take as a compliment. We were talking about tools and wiring diagrams. He was fairly impressed when I could ID some very basic things like a socket wrench and a bolt. Also when I told him I had plans to hopefully replace the fuel pump in my car this weekend. Another interesting point was as I was talking to the girl I am going to replace we started talking about homeopathic remedies and I gave her a few tips on how to assist with a UTI or a common yeast infection. I am such a horrible interviewer. They asked me to stay for birthday cake and to meet the owners father. All in all it went great, I ended up staying for about 2 and a half hours. When I finally took my leave I casually said "Cross your fingers the car starts" because of the fuel pump. So as I started my car, which started perfectly, I heard both the owner and the lady cheering from the door. =)
Man I hope I get a call back.
Then I went shopping over at the Salvation Army and a few other thrifty shops down on the consignment row. Got an Ice Cream scoop, some various kitchen utensils, about 10 books, and a decent sized George Forman grill all for $20. WINNING!

Found out today that I need to actually take my car to get smogged, FAIL it and then go back to the DMV to get my temp 60day registration. UGH! Such a pain in the butt!  Guess I will do that this weekend or next week. At least she hasn't had any starting problems since saturday.

We are hosting a Beer Pong Tournament this weekend. I am supposed to be making Jello Shots tonight, but I don't feel like going to the store by myself. BLAH

  I received a few awards a while back....Since I am so horrible at these type things I am doing it now.....Late like usual.
 This is from Mister Valance, I more so took it rather then it being given to me. I wanted to feel special and all that fun stuff. If you don't know of Mister V go check him out.

This was actually given to me. So thank you Kracken!
Sigh Now I have to list 7 things you lovely readers don't know about me.....

1) I really do not enjoy Asian food. 
2) I hate the term "Jelly" I.E. Are you Jelly of my awesome new iToy? (Jelly = Jealous)
3) I would rather let some one win an argument, rather then just continue going over the same thing.
4) It is my personal belief that heterosexual and homosexuals are fine, however bisexuals are just greedy and need to pick a team.
5) Job hunting sucks balls
6)The color pink is growing on me and I think it might be Chanel's fault
7)Dirty Hippies irk me, fake hippies also irk me.

Now I am tired and my brain hurts.......Those of you who wish this award please take it. I always feel weird bestowing it upon people and then pestering them to write about it too. So take and be happy!!
*wanders off to find that snickers I hid*


  1. I think you would be ashamed of my lack of car knowledge. pretty sure that a bolt is something like a screw, but it's not pointy at the bottom. But I'm not even sure about that. There are some things I know. Like '93 was the last year Mustang made a GT with a fox body and that was a crying shame.

    Cranberry juice to treat and prevent UTI, yogurt for yeast? Am I right, or is there something I don't know about?

    I have never heard anyone say "jelly" in that context, but I will make sure to smack the first person who does.

    I used to say that bisexuals were just desperate and would take anything that came their way. Now, though, I know better. Apparently there's certain needs men can't meet. I don't know what that's about since Padawan pretty much meets every need except girly night, and I have girlfriends for that.

    I like to think that pink is growing on you! It's such a pretty color, and a happy one.

    What about clean, classical flutist hippie-esque girls that are within an appropriate BMI?

    You have chocolate? Hmm...I think I have a Reeses stashed somewhere, come to think of it...

  2. You'll get a call back, you have to, I mean why would they be nice to you and ask you to stay and cheer for you if they weren't going to hire you?

    Now,onto your little list.

    1) I really do not enjoy Asian food.

    Whaaaaaat? Say it ain't so. Oh well, more for me!

    2) I hate the term "Jelly" I.E. Are you Jelly of my awesome new iToy? (Jelly = Jealous)

    Now that's just stupid. What moron came up with that?

    4) It is my personal belief that heterosexual and homosexuals are fine, however bisexuals are just greedy and need to pick a team.

    LOL! I agree.

    Also I love the new background. It's so pretty.

  3. Chanel ~ Car stuff with girls is just a bonus. You are correct a bolt is like a big flat screw. *Cheer Claps for you*
    Actually I use baking soda mixed with water for a UTI. Works wonders on the pain. Yes yogurt for yeast plus acidophilus pills jammed right up there.

    Jessica ~ Green makes me happy, all varietys of it.....grass, color, money...
    Greedy bi's rawr! Green with jealousy!