Sunday, June 19, 2011

NSFM - Rambles

Sleep and I have broken up again. This makes me sad.

Gertrude is being a bitch. Nothing new there. Replaced the fuel pump like the mechanic said I should (Tuesday) then Thursday she won't start. Same problem as always. FML! I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't have the money for this shit. Looks like she is going to get parted out (aka me taking all the stuff off that I can get $$ for and sending her to the scrap yard. I found this gem on-line at a Volvo forum. It's advise on pre-purchase testing/checks that you should do for my type of Volvo (80's 6-cylinder french engine)
"Here is my best practice when dealing with one of these pre-purchase. With the hood open and your left hand over the catch for the hood release, look straight down. Now, slam the hood shut. Contemplate a life-time more miserable than that moment. Leave and immediately check CL for a 240.

Really, though, one of these is NOT a learner, and likely would not make a decent DD. If it's a nice car in any event and you HAVE to buy it (I know, I've had that illness), get rid of that engine and put in a 4 cylinder of some stripe. It will be expensive, but at least reliable."
Yea so basicly I'm fucked and not in the happy fun way. 

Which brings me to my next point. Stress SUCKS! It makes me cranky and since I can't sleep it off I just get worse everyday. This I know makes people not want to be around me for obvious reasons.

Yesterday was my favorite cousin's high school graduation party. This girl is like my little sister. It was also a mini-family reunion, my father never leaves his cows he did for this. Because I have made such a clusterfuck of my life, am a huge failure and can't get a job, and wasted what little money I had on a POS car, I couldn't be there. I feel like one of the worst family members ever.

On that same sister is getting married on September 9th. I don't know if I can afford to go. That would make me the worst family member ever.

Thank you all for coming to my pity party, sorry I couldn't afford party favors. Please feel free to take a part of my soul as a parting gift if you can find one.


  1. Well sometimes you just have a shitty day, or week.... ;-) i got a BMW and he's (yes it's a he)NEVER has problems. Except when i need to take him to the garage to do a small service check up! I can give you on a little note that WITHIN a week, something breaks, leaks or cracks! They do that on purpose so you come back.... bastards...

    Tomorrow will be a better day....

  2. Honestly, I'm always surprised when you still find the money to travel from state to travel soooooo often...Should have saved all those trips and just gone to RI for Hannah (I'm guessing that's who it was)'s graduation and Wendy's wedding...two superimportant events! Good luck getting there!

  3. Way to rain on my pity party DAMN! I had money to travel at the time, then I lent a hand to someone who needed it. Also Wendy didn't announce she was engaged before I went to Texas. It just happens. Sorry I bothered you with my wallowing. ALL IN ALL FUCK OFF!

  4. Before u scrap gertrude take the time to trace the fuel pump wires and look for a short!!! Look for the bare wire touching metel grounding out the fuel pump which could be why the mechanic thought it was bad??? Its just a thought I just helped someone with that problem. Idk just a thought :-) and good luck!!!