Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just a little tid bit for you today. J and I went to the mall to check on a few applications I had put in there. No Starbucks still hasn't found mine. GRRRRRR!

As we come out we see this Douche parked next to our tiny CRX. Really? REALLY? I know that you are a decent sized SUV and rule the free world with your awesomeness BUT DAMN!  J decided to leave them a note as I crawled in from the passenger side to move the car out so he could even get in.

Everything is better with emote smiles!


  1. haha yes a smily face makes everything better!


  2. *sigh* Blogger took my comment.

    I said that I leave sarcastic notes with exclamation points dotted with hearts, but no emoticons. Stupid blogger.