Saturday, June 25, 2011

When you are 64

This week has been good and bad. Over all it has been good. Very laid back, everyone around me has been in relatively good moods. I have been avoiding Gertrude because I need a break from her drama, so she is down at a friends parents house in "time out." Brandi gave me my half of the business cards we ordered for B & B so now I can shamelessly pimp us spread the word anytime.

Now here is the bad: my Ehlers- Danlos has been acting up. It hurts SOOOO much. I have been very good and not intentionally dislocating anything, I have been taking my pills every 4hours like I should. Still this week has seen me wake up several days with both my shoulders dislocated just from sleeping and my ribs moved around. I hate to admit it but waking up and instantly bursting in to tears is mortifying. Worst part is the reactions of the people around me. I can live with the pain, I have my whole life. Watching others experience my pain for the first time is almost worse then the pain itself. Its like I am hurting them even though I know it is indirect. 

I think walking around the grocery store on Wednesday I pinched my sciatic nerve so not only do my hips kill with every step but the shooting pain from that nerve makes me just want to lay on the steps all day. (Laying on the stairs with my back flat and legs up on the next one relieves a lot of the pressure.) I did find out that having someone sit on the backs of my legs, like they were going to give you a back massage, makes all the pain in my hips and legs vanish.  Only until they get up though, but hell I will take it! I can almost fall asleep like that.

So if I haven't been around that much that's why. It hurts to move. I am seriously considering getting an awesome cane, maybe that will help with some of the leg pain. *ponders*  Hopefully my body decides to get back in to the correct rhythm of things and stop this excessive pain and just go back to normal manageable pain soon. Until then I will just have to keep on keeping on.


  1. I'm sorry you're hurt and your car is acting out! Feel better!

  2. Aw, sorry you're not feeling well. {{hugs}} Wish I could make it all go away.

  3. My coworker suggests acupuncture. (They like to read over my shoulder. They suggested this earlier today. But I was working and couldn't tell you until now.)

  4. Thank the lord! I can comment again and use my blogger.

    I love you crunchy bones in all.