Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday recap

Another glorious weekend has come and gone. Br finally got a chance to head up north to see her sister and new nephew. Which left me here to fend for myself LOL Had a busy weekend planned but that didn't exactly happen, which I was not sad about. The one event that I did attend was a local pub's 50 tap installation's 2nd anniversary. They order special beers and have a big to-do the whole day. I arrived with my friends at about 1230 and lasted till almost midnight. OH BOY! Me being sober this isn't such a bad thing but man some people I saw that day they were hurting. Anyway a good time was had by all. I actually ate for the first time at the pub. I am usually only there after the kitchen closes. Irish Nachos are my new favorite food. NOM NOM NOM! Actually everything I ate was amazing.

Seems like when ever I tell people "I'm sober, no not AA sober I just don't drink" they feel odd about me. Like I shouldn't be at a pub enjoying myself. Whatever! I know my friends love that they have a dependable DD there to take care of them if need be.
Today I embraced my nerdyness and joined in on my first tabletop game. For those of you who are scratching your head at that I'm sure you have heard of the highly poked at game called Dungeons and Dragons....yea thats a tabletop game. I had a BLAST!! Friend of mine has been wanting to try out a new version and needed one more person to play today so I stepped up. Hopefully I can make it my regular Sunday morning activity. GOD I'M SUCH A NERD!!

On a side note: I miss fun time with my roomie. Things have been so stressful the last few weeks. I really wish I could do something even just for a few hours to cheer her up or take her away and give her a little happiness. I know what was it last week we had our wine excursion.....But everything that has happened since then makes it feel like years ago. Blah just me whining.  


  1. Your roomie just gets proverbialy shat on every few days

  2. Anti-shit Umbrella? Let me go make you one =)

  3. lol. My weekend excitement consisted of me being pushed in one of those race car shapped shopping carts by my brother at Lows, grocery shopping, running for my life from the swarm of birds ( I hate! birds ) in the Wal*Mart parking lot and shopping for food... do I know how to party harty or what!

  4. I'm usually the DD, too. :-P Getting schwasted is for NOOBS lol.

    Hopefully you and Brandi can get back to having fun and enjoying things and the drama and shenanigans leave her alone lol.