Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I feel special

Hello again.
This week started out shitty. Nothing in particular just overall BLAH, and here it is already Wednesday again. *SIGH*
I did get an email from Urban Dictionary today =) WOOT WOOT here are my 3sec of fame. On February 12th Br and I were sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing, as you can see here This weekend so far (NSFM). When we created a new word : DOUCHE MUFFIN. We have been using it ever since and I decided to submit it to the grand know-all Urban Dictionary. It only took 18days, which is FOREVER in interwebs time, to get it approved. Here now is my official dictionary entry Douche Muffin #5

Till next time.......


  1. Hello Special. I never knew somebody famous before.

  2. Look at you, famous! I have never had anything in Urban Dictionary. Officially adding it to the Bucket List.

  3. cleaning your vagina with a muffin? wait, what??