Friday, March 25, 2011

Home sweet Home

Back from Austin! I had such a great trip but Im glad to be home. Few tid bits of fun:
I went tubing for the first time since high school. OH MAN! That was a blast. Nothing like falling off a rubber tube and skipping across the water like a rock with only a skimpy swim suit and a life jacket to protect you. If my arms hadn't dislocated I would have done it for hours. =)
Got to meet a TON of new and awesome people. I hope I get to go back soon and see them all again.
March 19th is Saint Joseph's Day, not many people take note of it. The Italians do though and they celebrate with a pastry called a zeppoli. Like a big cream puff with a canolli filling. We went to 4 bakeries to find the dang things. Finally the 4th one had them and get this the Owners are from Rhode Island and went to Johnson and Wales Uni. Go figure! I found this out because I was asking for a zeppoli and the guy behind the counter had no idea what it was. Another guy comes up (from behind the counter) and asks where I'm from because only people from the north east call them that. It made me feel good.
While in Austin they had the annual SXSW event (South by SouthWest) I got dragged out 3 nights in a row to 6ixth street. That was mostly a good time.

Now I'm home and miss it all. My friend there is an amazing person and while I was there I realized that I have to few friends like him.

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  1. I love reading that someone loves Austin. It's definitely a different kind of place, but we like it this way.