Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's coming!

I know we still have a few days left in September which means OCTOBER is almost here *squee* Everyone's favorite holiday month I am sure! What I am most excited about is we already have a decently full calender. I love a full social calender. We have a trip to the zoo planned for next weekend which I am excited about. Remember all that silly stuff you loved to do as a kid? Try doing it as an adult. I'm sure at least 80% of it is still just as enjoyable. Then we have a "fancy" dinner party to go to. Its funny when you are little you play house and whatever else, but when you grow up it never turns out that way. My friend decided to throw real adult dinner party complete with "fancy" dress. I see it as adults trying to be the adults our child-selves imagined. I'm thinking of bringing a bunt cake just because they are amusing to me.

Then the BEST EVENT of the month HALLOWEEN! 

I have already decided on the costume for this year. I am super excited because I wanted it to be nerdy and I have a decent amount of people around who would do a group costume with us. After brain storming for a few days, asking who would be willing to dress up as what, we finally got a solid group of me, J and S. J will be Luigi, S will be Mario (size-wise the characters had to be flipped) and I shall be Princess Peach. WOOT! I have never gotten to dress up like a princess so I am giddy. We also have a back up idea planned just in case but that is being kept under wraps. (Past Halloweens are: Dorothy, Slave Leia, 50's dancer, Mary with Child, store bought pirate.Yes that is all of them!)

I have a few alterations to make on the dress which came from Ebay. Who would have thought that 80's poofy sleeved dresses would come in handy. Mom sent me my petticoat from a past event.  Got the boys overalls from, hats from china somewhere. Still need all the little things but I am super stoked!  We even have a party to go to that weekend. I have been informed that I am making Jello shots for this party too. So we are stocking up on liquor and jello. Figure I will start making and boxing up shots about 4-5 days prior. That's how many I plan on making. I intend to get some costumed fools DRUNK!

Until Next Time....



    And your costume choices? EPIC!

  2. Sound like good time to be had by all!